Sofie Hunter

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Children's Circle
9/2/2021 4:55am

I can't say that I remember everything about my time in Children's Circle. Some of those liminal space pictures still don't seem that familiar. However, there is this one set of pictures of a swimming room fully covered in tiles, the walls and ceiling and floors. There are different caverns and paths and no windows or doors to be seen. I'm not sure why, but those pictures make me feel safe... It probably has something to do with my pre-k summer in our Current Reality. We were singing Ring Around the Rosie (which everyone knows is a good way to gain access to PsyHigh) while swimming in a circle, and at the end everyone went under water. I don't remember anything after being pulled down and submerged, until the end of the day when I was getting comforted by my mother. I guess i'm happy that I was taken care of during my stay. 9/10 would do again.