Samantha Spruce

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Small complaints
4/23/2024 11:35pm

Today I was on one of my forest walks and saw a group of Ranger Rotten's Roadkill Ring shaking down some grade school kids for lunch money. Any kid's bound to be scared when a half rotted raccoon corpse with a tire track across its back and one eye hanging out snarls at you and demands your lunch money!

We can not forget that we Weasel Creek Kids inherited our treeforts from the Timberjacks who went to this school before we did, and those Timberjacks had a moral code. If we want to live up to the principles of the Timberjacks, and forest keepers of all stripes, we can no longer turn a blind eye to Ranger Rotten and all of the corruption he stands for. And that includes whatever Docor Greejeans is up to.

It's time the Weasel Creek Kids made a stand! Who is with me?