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Solstice Maintenance
12/20/2022 10:54pm

Oh yeah @Wyatt Corn it's the hyperreality of Starbars that makes them susceptible to even small stutters in the Time Fans. It's part of why the workers are striking. Starbars are like more than 78% hyperreal, and so it's a psychic health hazard. Psychic deterioration from repeated exposure.

Anyway yeah it sure doesn't feel like they've got the Solstice Engines all fixed up, does it? It's been clangy all day, then they take it offline and before you know it you forgot lunch and it's already dark. What are they gonna do if it's not repaired by Solstice? Which is, like, uh, Wednesday.

But there's Solstice Happy Hour at the Spoonbender -- specials on mushroom coffee and ayahuasca bubble tea! A bunker of reality in these hyperreal times. Ground floor of the Dinkeloo admin building underneath the deck.

Solstice Maintenance
12/14/2022 11:35pm

I think I had one of those outages that @Ms. Hazeltine was talking about? I was at the same Starbars @Wyatt Corn goes to and it was weirdly empty and I’m like “where is everybody?” and I wasn’t going to just make coffee myself I mean I don’t know how and wouldn’t it be illegal?

But then I turn around to leave and there's no windows or door. It's just a blank space. And I turn around again and it's more blank space. Total nothingness. Not white. Not black. Just true nothing you can't describe it because, I mean... words.

Then I started to see the other stuff. The indescribable, maddening, incomprehensibility of it all.

I probably passed out or something or the outage just passed and there I was laying on my back on the sorta greasy floor at the Starbars.

That's why I prefer independent businesses like the Spoonbender. They're more solid and less likely to disappear when reality turns off.