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The Amygdala
5/17/2023 7:27am

"All signs point to stable," Campbell said.

"Point to? I want to be sure it's not going to close up on us when we're in there," I said.

"I can't tell the future. Maybe you picked the wrong psychics for friends?"

Campbell is always kind of a smartass. But that's why I like him.

"Yeah but if we do get trapped, remember it's likely not even in this dimension," said Camy.

It was true--the telemetry data from the drone wasn't picking up anything familiar, even with Psyhigh's expanded star charts and clairvoyant beacon data.

"Well if somebody there could make a so-called 'warp portal' once, they can do it again," I said.

That was enough for Camy. She's always a trooper. And that's why I like her.

"Ok then, friends," I said, in my best class leader voice. "I've still got two nut bars and half a bottle of water. Let's take a little peek at the other side."


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The Amygdala
4/24/2023 10:57pm

"Anything, Campbell?" I asked.

"No. I mean, I'm getting telemetry data, and some kind of soundings. So there's a 'there' there, but no transmissions."

"Send my message again."

Campbell thumbed his controller and I hear my voice come out of its tiny speaker.

**Come in @Logan Arthen of The Revelation! Do you read us? We got your message. Where are you? Can you reply?**

"Can you like, loop it or something?" I asked.

"No, but I can just keep hitting this button."

**Come in @Logan Arthen of The Revelation! Do you**

"Ok, ok, but mute the speaker, ok?"


"But what I don't understand," I said, "is how a whole airship could have come through that pretty smallish opening. I mean, a person could walk through it, but drive a whole airship?"

"Oh, it's not small at all," said Camy. "It's like... super far away. But right there at the same time."

I didn't get it.

"I don't get it," I said. "I saw the drones fly right up to it and though it,"

"Yeah, but perspective gets funny, when it's warped," said Campbell. "We can see it's right in front of those trees over there, right?"

"Right," I said. That's what it looked like.

"Well... space has been super folded, between here and there. So what's far away is right up against us, but it's huge, and you're seeing inside it."

It still didn't make sense to me, but Camy and Campbell apparently did a lot more extra credit than I did.

The Amygdala
4/16/2023 6:31pm

We combed the forest, both with Camy’s infrared vision and with Campbell’s small squadron of drones, and found no evidence of @Logan Arthen or his airship. Nor his brain, which he made an allusion to having lost.

But he must have been in the area, as we were able to receive his transmission. Plus, he reported hearing @EE Glarbson’s invisible helicopter.

“I’m picking up traces of a warp signature,” Campbell said. “Right over there.”

“How do you even know about ‘warp’ stuff?” I asked. “Is that even real?”

“Extra-credit project.”


Camy was looking at the little hollow in the woods Campbell was pointing to.

“Yeah, some weird infrared over there too,” she said.


“Hmmmm,” I said. “Campbell, can you send some drones through that?”

The Amygdala
4/11/2023 11:00pm

I was looking over my journal and realized that @Logan Arthen never showed up with his airship. The whole shop class was really looking forward to meeting him and seeing an airship.

Could he have crashed, out in the woods, and lost communications? Could he have reactivated his so-called "warp" drive on his airship and returned to where he came from? Could the whole thing be just some kind of "crank call?" You'd be surprised about how many of those we get.

Still, after dinner tonight, me and my psychic shop class friends are heading out into the woods to take a look. Camy said she'll guide us with her infrared vision, and it'll be easier in the dark.

The Amygdala
3/23/2023 11:10pm

OMG I've always wanted to work on an airship! But my parents said I needed to finish school before joining an airship crew. Is it exciting?

Bring your airship to the engineering building on campus and let's see what we can do. You can park above the parking lot. Look for the door that says Advanced Vedic Mechanics.

And how exactly does "warp" work on an airship anyway? And what do Reality Syndrome Filaments have to do with it?