Phi Voca

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4/10/2017 11:09pm

I find comfort in the bath house off the western corridor and northern field. I believe it's a great hangout for all students, though unfortunately I don't believe it would be as safe for students of more angel status. Any student who doesn't fit that category should have a fun time! If you see a person with short white hair and long branching tentacles, be sure to say high because that's me!

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Flying Bike Club
4/9/2017 8:15pm

I showed up at the last meeting. Even if you can't ride, it's fun to watch! A great way to pass the time before the ethereal beings come and drag me back to my dorm.

Children's Circle
4/9/2017 3:40pm

I remember my time in Children's Circle. My fondest memory is when I was in the haunted outlier woods. That was when my first tentacle sprouted! My friend Merisa thought it was so cool, since I was one of the first children to get their tentacles! Now I have six all together along my back. I couldn't have made it to six without Children's Circle!