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The Alteration Society
4/30/2016 1:32pm

The kids I met on my floor had a seance to try and remove the uniform of one of the girls. Betsy Evenrude. They were doing research on it too, @xiirth.

They lit candles and sat in a circle around her, and the did the Light as a Feather Stiff as a board thing. Then one person sat behind her and rubbed her temples backwards while she counted back from 100.

Then they started chanting and drawing things on the floor, and slowly lifted her uniform over her head. When they got to the part where the tags were they started pulling really gently and chanting louder. The candles started to flame up, but they kept on pulling. And pulling....

When they finally ended up pulling it all out of her, it was horrific. What was left of her body just collapsed, like an old balloon. There was a little dusty puff of air and moths that came out of her mouth and she just deflated.

So they rolled her up, and put the pile of wet stringy threads they pulled out of her in a bucket and dropped it all off with a note at the clinic.

I guess this kind of thing happens all the time? I heard you can get extra credit if you write a report.

The Alteration Society
4/29/2016 1:13pm

I knew Psychic High School was probably going to be intense, but what's with all these well-dressed mutants bouncing off the walls? I see leopard skin prints and denim and velour... But their faces! And their hands! I'm not the kind of person to stare but it's so... incredibly grotesque. Like skin stretched tight over balls of yarn, and all of it squirming...