Nix Ixtb

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Halloween on Other Planets
10/28/2022 11:19pm

Ixtb has long nekks!! Thats y we called Ixtb! Ixtb looks like Ixtb.

So Ixtb win LIMBO no brainer!!! /we go soooo looooooow. Win dance combtest.

So excite!!! So excite, Ixtb eat inteligent slug on damse floor. Then nuther and nuther before Ixtb subdude by anesthesic foam.

Now sleep it off in {untranslatable} Oldsmobile Antares. park behin gym.

Ixtb jus so excite to win! Ixtb neber won anyting b4.

Halloween on Other Planets
10/14/2022 10:01pm


inteliguent slugs so much flavr!!! so braineee!

xcuse fight problm. Ixtb cannot help selves!!!

so intstd we help selves to fud.

tnks psyhigh pagaent feedrs!! cnt waite to next coarse

Halloween on Other Planets
10/3/2022 11:15pm

heklo otter yung student typos! me am Nix! just arrive von {untranslatable} Oldsmobile Antares. longggg trip thru starg8. now sleep in {untranslatable} Oldsmobile Antares. park behin gym.

luk 4wrd to c-ing u!!! HALLOWEEN is best!