Nagito Komaeda

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3/31/2019 5:58pm

Yes, it honestly infuriates me. But in the end, Hope will always rise against the despair the Training Academy has caused!

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3/31/2019 5:52pm

Hello, it's me again! Sorry for not updating my journal...I've been having some spiritual "trips" Lately...or so...I'd like to call them that, haha! Trash like me doesn't deserve these nice people I've met throughout the school though! I went to another country and lemme tell you, the changing of timezones had me thinking. Aren't we traveling back and forth in time? Not even psychics like us could figure this out...but never lose hope! We'll find out maybe in the future!

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new kids
3/25/2019 7:00pm

Hi, the names Nagito Komaeda. I'm a new student, I hope to become friends with you all and to be everyone's stepping stone to find the greatest, most purest hope!