Mr. Blue Ribbon

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Psycience Fair
5/31/2024 11:07pm

On behalf of members of FOPP, the Fellowship of Psychic Psycientists, it's my great pleasure to announce the start of the statewide Psycience Fair!

I'll be your master of ceremonies throughout the event -- Mr. Blue Ribbon.

And at the end of the month I'll be what our Psycience Fair State Champion takes home!

This year we're thrilled to be holding the State Psycience Fair competition on the beautiful campus of Psychic High School, but we'll be seeing entries from super and preternatural school districts from across the state.

Submit your project entry description here, including but not limited to:

Overall Effect
Equipment and materials you will use
Danger Level

and set up your experiment, display, performance, or ritual in Mesmer Hall.

We'll be accepting entries right up till the end of the month, at which time the voting and oblational rites will begin.

Looking forward to seeing this year's entries!


Mr. Blue Ribbon