Marine Clime

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Weird Thunderstorm Warning
8/23/2023 6:32pm

I was watching the Green Teen on my Green Teen Scanner. I barricaded the door to keep my roommate out so I could watch the Green Teen in privacy. And not injure my roommate when my brainstorm came.

And that is when I realized that @Engel Massif's uncle Josef was on to something. In the old country, they trap the Green Teen in a cage made out of sticks and magic. I trap the Green Teen in the video screen with the Green Teen Scanner. And that is how we can tap the power of the Green Teen.

For our brainstorms.

My room is still a mess from my brainstorm. My roommate needs a new dresser because a chair flew into it and it exploded and her clothes went everywhere and are full of splinters. She is requesting to change rooms.

Weird Thunderstorm Warning
8/5/2023 8:28pm

I'm sure the Green Teen has nothing to do with it. I keep a very close notice of the whereabouts of the Green Teen at all times. I have a Green Teen Scanner.

I know I have my brainstorms when the Green Teen is nowhere around, potentially looking at me. Because I am looking at the Green Teen the whole time.

Weird Thunderstorm Warning
7/30/2023 9:43pm

Uh oh I feel a brainstorm coming on.

My roommate has already left the room. She’s getting tired of sleeping in the common area, but it beats getting hit by whirling objects I suppose.

Introduce Yourself
7/17/2023 10:32pm

I must learn to control my tornado of ideas.

It has already injured several people.