Kate Regress

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Psychic Synchronized Swimming
9/24/2018 8:22am

We've been deeply engaged in both our children's sports careers at Psychic High School, and have never complained about the fees. But the amount of fresh seawater my daughter now requires just to survive on a daily basis isn't something we've budgeted for.

Now, I know that all the parents of children on the Psychic Synchronized Swim Team are facing similar challenges, so I'm not saying we're special, but we're all equally committed to seeing our team take State this year.

Which is why we've asked the Psychic Parent Teacher Student Association to consider using school resources and technology to miniaturize the entire team between competitions. This will allow for our children to spend their time in more manageable-sized habitats while at home and at school, but be re-enlarged in time for each round of the finals, making sure they make as big a splash as possible.

Please voice your support to the PPTSA for this miniaturization initiative, and LET'S GO PSYCHOS!