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11/6/2015 8:00pm

One evening while I was sitting in the school yard on a stone bench staring blankly off into the gloomy cloud covered sky I had a vision. It was of @Pearline asking me to be her roomie, I ofcourse didn't bother to answer because I already knew who would be her roomie...this was ofcourse not out of any intended disregard or anything....I just already knew.....saves me from a lot of hassle when I don't try to hard to work against my visions.

I have kind of learned to work with the sudden breathlessness that follows a peak into the future....I mean, there is absolutely no way for me to avoid ALL of them, even if I don't touch things I still get them and there is no stopping that awful feeling I get afterwards, so its best to learn to live with it....its become kind of like breathing over the years, I get the visions, I cant breath and then its done....atleast now my head doesn't feel light. Before I used to feel like I was dying and I was hot and cold at the same time and my head was just blegggh.

My first class consisted of getting to know people, I don't really even need to do that because I already know who a person is without an introduction....kind of like I have file cabinets in my brain that store away documents until needed. Ther is this one particular classmate who seems to pull me in a tiny way. I am almost certain he can see the future like I can because he does strange things like raise his hands before a question is asked.......I think it cute.......its amazing how even though I am no master of my talents that some seers are affected by there abilities in such a different way. I rarely ever act on my visions.....but he doesn't seem to even realize that he is acting on his.......I wonder if he gets the breathlessness.....

I saw the lights too......@Alexander

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First day
10/31/2015 11:41am

So I spent the most part of my first day just walking around campus and making a conscious effort to stay away from certain areas....the creepy ones. I think I saw a student get yanked into a room....something covered its mouth.....I say something because that hand DID NOT look human. I tried to tell one of the seniors but they just told me to pretend I didn't see anything and get on my way......a few hours later I think I saw the kid again, he looked kind of pale.

I am now deciding to walk only in the middle of the hallways and away from all doors and I wont go into any rooms unless a whole bunch of other kids are going in before me and I sure as heck wont be the last one to go in either.......this place is so creepy, I almost want to go home but something in my gut just tells me to stay because its worth it and to keep my wits about me......meh.

All my life I have had this.....I dont know...gut feeling thing but its stronger and far more reliable than the usual gut feeling thing......My "anma" (grams) said that the angels were working hard, day and night sprinkling dust on newborn babies to give them proper amount of intuition and one angel was so tired that she feel asleep and sprinkled a little too much on me. I can tell you where things are without even having seen them before. I can tell you where people are located and I have never even been where they are or even know who they are.....my cousin says, "google aint got nothing on you boo". I can always tell who to stay away from, where to stay away from, what to say, I wouldn't know why though......eg if I were playing that game where they hide something under a cup I always, ALWAYS know exactly where it is and I don't even have to look.......my old friends used to call me "forsythe" and my big brother used t o sneak me out at night to go to these underground gambling places and enter me into these bets and I always won. After awhile we got banned from certain places and eventually my mom, dad and anma found out and boy were they mad. I have a sneaking suspicion that my anma knew before everybody else......sometimes she just knows stuff.......like this one time I went out with my friends and she told me not to drink......I just had one sip......one-single-evil sip, wasn't even enough to swallow anything......I washed my mouth out and throughout the evening we drank other okay things like soda and stuff and I had even forgot about it....when I came home...went up to my room, took a shower, brushed my teeth, my usual stuff. The next day she cornered me and said " mi nuh tell yuh not to drink aneh alcohol chile?!".........ofcourse I tried to deny it, then she told me about the appearance on the bottle as if she was there....which is impossible because she doesn't drive and my parents weren't home, they had left the country....so.....meh......

My parents decided to send me overseas to PsyHigh for boarding because I am originally from the Caribbean. It was hard for them but my abilities were getting too strong and I didn't quite know when to shut up about it on top of that I was having dreams about what would happen the next day and eventually everything I touched would always show me these little images that never made any sense when I saw them but would always play out in the future like deja vu or something, people in the community were afraid of me and they wouldn't let their kids play with me when I was a little kid......my anma found out about PsyHigh from a friend of a friend of a friend, she said. And my parents decided it would be a good idea to send me here to learn how to control my growing abilities..............

Now that its been getting kind of cold and I had to where gloves and mittens I have noticed that I don't get any glimpses of the future when I touch anything at all......so I think I will be wearing gloves from now on....even in summer.....still not an excuse to not figure these abilities out though.......

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First day
10/27/2015 8:01pm

This is the strangest place I have ever been in my life. Will continue to figure this out.