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Synthetic Humanoid Club
1/12/2019 9:41am

So far my experience with the synthetic humanoid club with my fellow charter members @Hugh Manatee and @Synthia Humanoid have been great. When the members found that I actually have a blood circulatory system they were surprised, but we silicon-based organisms have a slimy, viscous fluid which is responsible for properly assimilating the nutrients of the stuff that we eat. We eat mostly liquid ammonia which we find in our planet's surface but we can also digest some basic earthly foods like rice, etc which I have smuggled back to our planet so that we have something to relish upon on special occasions. As a result, unlike an organ in the chest region which pumps blood, since we don't breathe and as a result are devoid of lungs, our sole energy intake is the food that we ingest, hence we have a two - chambered heart near our colon which pumps nutrient-rich upwards the arteries and this blood returns back in our veins... well I'm just using heart, veins or arteries for your understanding, we name it fluid conductive canal type A and B and I don't wanna confuse you all so yeah... our blood is also much less dense than human blood. (We don't have any haemoglobin either cause we don't breathe anyway
If we bled, the blood would fail to coagulate and evaporate increasing the risk of our sudden death, hence our 'arteries' and 'veins' are tightly bound with extra safety margins to ensure that we don't bleed even the slightest. Also, our species has members of 2 blood groups - ones with purple blood and those with green. I'm a green person though. Oh well I started babbling again, see you later!

Synthetic Humanoid Club
1/4/2019 7:41pm

Thank you @Hugh Manatee for inviting me to the Synthetic Humanoid Club. I accept your invitation and hope to have awesome club activities with you guys. I may look like a human, but I am totally not a human. The human design is merely a mens of camouflage, and this makes me more 'humanoid', doesn't it? Even though I'm not exactly what some people would call 'synthetic', I still believe that it would be fun to be a part of this club, I end this post by asking you guys, how are you guys physically different from humans and are you both carbon-based life forms?

1/1/2019 5:24am

Let me just put it out there again that In Psyhigh, after seeing you all, I'm intrigued by the wide variety of people with different physical features as well as mental abilities. I feel really happy to be a part of this group.

I wonder if there are other silicon-based lifeforms out here in Psyhigh like me. We reproduce asexually. Unlike normal earthlings who seem to enjoy most part of the reproductive process, it is a very stressful process for us silicon-based lifeforms.

Reproduction happens in our species only when our leader notices a decline in population or wishes to increase the population. Our leader then picks a candidate suitable for reproduction and gives the candidate the 'Xerlordian Seal of Black-hole Generative Approval' (XeSBGA).

After this, 8% of the weight of each organ/body part in the person who is reproducing is shedded off into the egestive tract, at the end of which lies a small, freshly generated black hole of diameter 0.1-0.3 millimeters. The shedded 8% body weight then descends into the black hole, and travels into the past by 0.87 earth days. during this time travel, these shedded particles gain kinetic energy and arrange themselves into a small silicon-based lifeform which is received by the parent in the past in an alternate worldline.

Reproduction alters the worldline by a very small amount, so it is very risky if we started casually reproducing, an added cause of less reproduction is that each individual organism is believed to have a lifespan of approximately 800-925 earth years, which is approximately the time taken by our planet XerCrosa to complete 3 revolutions around the central blue giant.

I heard we can generate black holes in the Psyhigh interdimensional lab, looking forward to use it (for non-reproductive purposes obviously) after I pass my beginners' Interdimensional physics class!

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12/30/2018 9:42am

Hi guys, for my first few posts, I'll brief you guys about the nature of life on our planet that I came from and how different it is from earth. To be fair, being here on Earth feels rather weird and might take some time for me to get accustomed to. Here, all the planets seem to revolve around a young star, whereas in our planetary system, hundreds of planets revolve around a massive blue giant. Also, this planet seems a lot more 'flatter' than ours. I was so shocked to see light travelling in a straight line here.

In our planetary system, gazillions of hyperphotons (which have nearly 20 times the mass of earthly photons) revolve around a planet and the central blue giant in an elliptical path. So, when these light particles enter our planet's sulphuric atmosphere, they generally move in a curved path. These hyperphotons have interchanging active and dormant phases - when a hyperphoton loses its energy, it falls back into the central gas giant and enters its dormant phase, while the nuclear fusion happening in the central gas giant reactivates the hyperphotons into another journey of 600 elliptical revolutions.

It seems really convenient to have carbon as the main base for lifeforms here. In our planet, all lifeforms are silicon-based, and we don't breathe. Our energy intake mainly consists of solid ice, dry ice and occasionally liquid ammonia which is available in our planet's crust. This is because unlike Carbon dioxide, silicon dioxide is a really powerful bond and isn't really helpful with the metabolic processes going on and would most likely end up as a hindrance.

Our planet has a total of 19 distinct species which live in an utopia- like situation, I belong to the Xercrosa species. My official name is Xer17(M17 for short). In our species, there are a total of 121 members so far and reproduction in our species happens in a rather interesting way, which I will tell you guys in the next post. Bye for now!

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12/19/2018 1:51am

Hello guys, I am a new student here whose DNA is made up of silicon atoms, nice to see you all and had a lot of fun on my first day! Here's to more!

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