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Psychic Snacks
10/31/2018 8:59pm

Human Snacks are awful! my favourite Treats would have to be Satisfa-cat-ory. Well, you humans like what you like, and us cats like what we like, so I'm not complaining.

10/29/2018 5:05pm

If this is happening, it is either a system error or the scanner picking up intent to take an evil book or something like that without educational purpose. If its a system error, tell the library manager. if its the other thing, clear your mind of anything and the scanner shouldn't pick up anything bad.

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9/12/2018 5:14pm

Oh No.....
Its already happening.

I didn't think it would happen so soon, but i was wrong...

You may think its bad already.
But its going to get alot worse....


my first day
9/11/2018 9:01pm

My first day was wonderful!
Compared to the my native habitat of Ernoma in the dimension of Cuitix (where the Chibe live, and you know how dangerous those are.)
Probably my favourite subject was Planetary Botany, which was quite educational.
If anyone wants to know, my powers are Digital Form, Surive without Oxygen, and omnipresence. i have others but they aren't important.
Cant wait for tomorrow!

9/11/2018 7:52pm

Dear Terra

I dont want to say much
But i will say one thing.


From Fluffball