Esna Mitchell

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9/15/2022 10:56pm

I got three Adopt-a-Ghosts because I heard they are naturally social ghosts and it was better to raise them in a pack than to make them live their lives in solitude from other ghosts.

At first it was really fun, having all three of them tearing around my dorm room and raising a ruckus. When they got bigger it was more of a problem, but I couldn't go to the RA about a bigger room because they already weren't allowed.

But now they all... combined, into one much bigger ghost. You can still see the seams of where they all came together, but they've morphed into some next level super-ghost and they're starting to get bored and swirl around and I'm afraid they're going to pull down the ceiling. And I live on the first floor.

Any advice from other Adopt-a-Ghost owners would be appreciated.