Eon Jordan

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Children's Circle
8/25/2020 7:49pm

I have a feeling I was once part of the pre-k program because I "never went to pre-k" but every digit but the first two in this code: ∌∮⊸⏧⪽, are blocked out.

I also have that gut feeling. And the ability to manipulate other people's dreams, (ish) does anybody remember me? I'm doubting that I'll snap back and realize all the things hidden in my brain but it sure would be nice to reunite with some old friends. :D

Anyway, My name is Eon, and it's nice to meet you all for what (I believe) is the first time.

Is there an admission test or something? I'm still having doubts over this whole ordeal and it just seems elementary to have certain things in place.