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Eyes for a Seer
1/11/2020 1:19am

Haha, you sure are optimistic, @Basilton Pitch. Yes, I would love some snacks. No allergies :)

Let me know when you arrive with three well placed knocks. I'm always ready!

Eyes for a Seer
1/7/2020 2:08am

@Basilton Pitch has kindly taken my offer. Thank you very much!

It would be my pleasure to have you over as soon as possible- I fear the mediums may deteriorate over time. One quick thing though, I feel as though I should explain the numbering used from my reality to determine the order of demonic preference: Demons have certain preferences for the way matter is arranged, and therefore some people are more- scrumptious, to say, for them. This is measured in π/n, in which π/n is π/n times less attractive to demons than π/n+1. In my hometown, the highest number is a π/9, whereas the highest every recorded was a π/16 whom was possessed shortly after birth due to their presence instigating a manifestation in their bathwater.

This however, is only significant in areas of high non-magical population. When any kind of magic is involved, these numbers change drastically. It's impossible to tell who's more attractive. After we enter the cube and begin the process, anything can happen. Be ready.

If you still wish to cooperate, please step into my room. I do not live within the premises but I'll give you my address. It's room ███ at ██████ ████ ███ ask the landlord for "the weird person who always wears a hoodie and cries at night over cooking shows." Also, don't ask.

Eyes for a Seer
12/18/2019 7:57pm

As promised, an enchanted golden box lined with smooth velvet materialized on my desk a few minutes after my call. Thank you, Basilton Pitch, how very kind of you.

Within the box, a pair of cat eyes stare back at mine, the vivid golden irises gleaming with freshness. They'll be perfect. But while I love admiring the beautiful specimen, I still have to get started.

Hauling the bucket of water into the pocket dimension, along with the brimstone to act as medium, I'm running over my checklist again when I realize there's another problem. Even with fuel, there's no way I can light a lithium fire in my current state. This means I cannot hit the required level of magical expression required to lure the Faustian Demons.

While the demons can spontaneously manifest in water and other mediums, (such as brimstone), in my powerless state I will not be able to generate the power needed in order to attract them. Demons will be attracted to me naturally, due to the fact that I'm a π/6, but I won't be able to encourage infestation within a medium of choice. Someone else will have to encourage the demons. Furthermore, pretty much anyone able to do so will most likely possess more power than me, and thus be a much more desirable target for the demons than I in this state, so there is concern regarding contamination, and extra safety measures should be required.

@Basilton Pitch, what do you think?

Eyes for a Seer
12/14/2019 3:51am

@Basilton Pitch has kindly offered some fresh cat eyes- I've just shouted, hopefully I've pronounced their request correctly enough. All that's left to do is wait.

In the meantime, I've gathered some other materials- water, my handy dimensional cube that'll help isolate the process and prevent accidental contamination, lithium, brimstone, and a vial of holy water, just in case. (Faustian burn hurts quite a bit)

I have to say, I'm a little bit scared for what comes next. My face and thighs still bear memory of how demon nullums can burrow into flesh. I'd like to have someone do it with me, and without my senses I can only hope I'm right when I feel a friendship in @Basilton Pitch. That being said, perhaps before I begin I'll contact them elsewhere and ask what they think. They seem to be quite well read and generally more intelligent than I.

Eyes for a Seer
11/26/2019 2:51pm

I've been really out of touch these past months. I think it's because of the reality accident. Since then, I haven't been able to activate my powers, it's all a mess. My body has also rejected being anything other than injured or sick. Not sure how long this'll go on for.

Reality isn't visible to me right now- it blinks on and off like a broken flashlight. Piercing the Fabric of Reality in this state is impossible. No magic tricks for me. :(

I'm not that used to not knowing what's going on through the fabric. It really irks me, I feel quite ignorant. Some days I wake up with antlers and pink hair, like some dumb anime protagonist who falls in love with 5 guys, playing the Bella Swan card. I will never understand how 11 year old me tolerated that. Oh wait, 11 year old me hated that too. I wish they'd go away but they never do until I forget they're there.

Everything is tiring and when I wake up the world spins. I wish this would go away soon. I've tried everything my dad told me to do but nothing seems to work. There's only one thing left for me to try. I never thought I'd have to do this but this is my only choice other than waiting uncertainly for it all to go back to normal. It's a spell. An occult spell I learnt in the nether dimension, and I'll need some help.

Anyone got any spare cat eyes laying around?

10/22/2019 3:57am

Found some of my old Journal entries, back when I didn't exist in this dimension yet. Thought I'd share them here.

"Hello. My name is ư͙͇̳ͩͯ̀͘ͅ ͉̠̯̜͆͗͞n͙͉̤͎͓͓ͥ̈ͮ͐̀͆ͭͪ͟d̡̥̺̠̓̓̑̽ͩ̈́̒ͦ ̷̩̱̭̼̫̟̘̰ͥͬ̓ͫ͋é̷̬͚̳͕̮͐ͨ͟ͅ ̸͖̠͎͖͈̑̍͆̅̾ͣ͆ͅf̥͍̯͈̯͙ͨ̂͊͆i̺̩̫̜͍̳̞̮͗͛̅̔ͮ͛̕n̶̛͖̾͂e̜̘̫͚̞͕̻̲̝͑ ͤ͛̐͛ͨ̌̋ͭ҉͎̙d̙͓̗ͪ̒̈́̈͛̋̑̔. I'm a Class S-FPR-D Seer. I can pierce the Fabric of Reality and thus have access to the Conceptual Realm. This can activate only under periods of high stress or fear, and I am unable to control it. I can also detect strong auras and experience premonitions in the form of involuntary thoughts. I like to write poems. The Concepts show themselves most easily in that form. I hope I can assist you in..."

It's really long, so I cut it. It's quite nostalgic, really. These old papers that constantly rearrange themselves and smell like cosmic floss are the root from which I sprouted. My origin. I guess I should mention, my class has since changed. As of now I'm a Class S-FPR-A Seer*; I'm more in tune with my powers after taking some courses. Go me! It seems quite impossible right now, but if I could want to do one thing, it'd be to get to level V. Wish me luck!

*For those unfamiliar with the Psychic Classing System, (it is quite a complicated, old thing) I'm a Seer whose powers are Soul-Sourced, Feeling, Piercing Type, Reality Pertaining, with Arbitrary Activation. Previously, I had the Dormant activation level as I wasn't able to produce a reaction. Now I can hold the Active state for much longer, and activation occurs much more frequently, so I'm getting better! Level V is Voluntary activation, which is self-explanatory.

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Eyes for a Seer
10/21/2019 8:16pm

Regarding the Reality Accident,

Sucks. Really really sucks. I was temporarily erased from everyone else's reality, and missed my bus. I got to the bus stop at 17:15, waited alone until 17:35. No buses. Tomorrow, it seems that everyone else caught the bus as usual, confirming that there were indeed, 3 buses that arrived between the time frame of 17:00-17:20 and saw no-one waiting. Just my luck.

A few street names changed as well, and thanks to that I took a wrong turn. I'm just glad I'm still back in one piece at this point.

Anyhow, my abilities have been pretty non-existent recently. I also blame the reality accident. The FOR(Fabric of Reality) is thicker than usual; I can barely see through it. Everyone's auras feel washed out, and any Concept I get is like a tissue that's been through the washing machine, crumpled, weak and faded. Oh well. At least it also eliminated some of the negative side effects- my soul has never felt so loose.

I wonder how other seers are coping. Perhaps I'll ask my dad, he's good with this stuff.

I'm too tired to write more today, sorry. I'll be a bit more detailed tomorrow.