Dr. Fermelda B.

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Experiments - Unlocking Immortality in the Homarus
8/7/2020 7:34pm

Hello yes I am replying to your ad on the Psychic Lobster Behavioral Psychologist Employment Opportunities message board and am interested in applying for the position.

I have most recently successfully completed therapy with Larry the Lobster of Kingston SE, South Australia, known for terrorizing the local community with his tremendous size and negative attitude. Larry has now been released on probation and is beginning his reintegration into society. Previously I was awarded the title of “Most Compassionate” in my role as head of Crustacean Relations (CR) at Joe’s Crab Shack International.

I am always looking for ways to “give back” to the disturbed lobster community and think I would be an ideal fit for this position.

Resume and references attached.


Dr. Fermelda B. Boilin LCLP
(Licensed Clinical Lobster Psychologist)