Dr. Asclepius

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1/20/2020 9:05pm

It’s been a little while, but when that elevator opened up on the Mysterious Laboratory of Creative Light you knew right what to do this time! No more dazed confusion, your eyes adjusted to the light and you went right to the beanbag chair in front of the record player.

Now plug those head phones into the lava lamp and read the language of the light!

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12/11/2019 10:29pm

Ah! Excellent! You've returned! See? Already your eyes are adjusting to the light. It's that Lumen deLurnine—the Excitation of the Fire—starting to take hold. Things will only become clearer from now on.

Here, put on these sunglasses. Yes, they are a bit stylish, but what matters is they can help you see things better here. And they look fabulous.

What? Oh, yes, that's fine, see you later. It can be difficult to stay here too long at first. Like getting used to a very hot hot tub. But you've got the glasses now, so put them on whenever you want to find your way back and they'll help guide you.

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12/3/2019 1:28pm

Welcome, friend! No, you’re not in the wrong classroom, you’re right where you need to be. And don’t worry about how bright it is in here—you’ll get used to it I’m sure. You’ve discovered the Mysterious Laboratory of Creative Light! Whether they know it or not, most students are trying to find this place, and here you come just stumbling in accidentally! Lucky you!

What? You’re leaving now? Well, that’s fine, but don’t be a stranger! Come back any time! So long!!!

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