Detective Larson

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12/23/2017 10:37am

** ... BEEP ... BEEP ... **

** CLICK **

Detective Caleb Larson - 12/20/X - ANOMALY - "Psychic High School" -

** ... BEEP ... BEEP ... **

Light snow in the area, snow seems to pick up when one were to approach the anomaly. Detective Larson here making a video recording of the previously mentioned high school. However, Captain, this is no ordinary high school full of average young adults - no, this is something much more beyond our comprehension. From my knowledge we are dealing with PSYCHICS.

I know what you and the team are thinking right now, Captain, but I'm not talking about the so-called "psychics" that hide under neon signs and demand $40 bucks to tell your fortune, no, I'm talking real-life legit psychics. Stay with me here, I know how crazy I sound, but have I ever failed you, sir?


Sorry about any interference, Captain. My equipment seems to act up whenever I approach the anomaly.

Allow me to get a little personal, sir. You see, my mother has had many experiences with psychics throughout her life. They blend into society exceptionally well if they look like the average human, but I've been observing this anomaly for quite some time and I've noticed there's a wide array of students here. Some that look like average people, but others that could only be described as "things". Please note my mother has been a little loopy after the accident, but she does claim that the psychics cursed her with misfortune.

Sir, I'm not going to outright say these beings are all malicious, but I'm hoping to eventually get inside knowledge as to what things exactly go on in there. Could it just be a bunch of gifted individuals learning more about what they are, or is it hiding something much darker? Is the Government really funding this place? I've never even heard any outside talk about it.


What? I could've sworn this thing was fully charged last time I checked.. Oh, well, I supposed that's my cue to end this report. I hope you support my research after listening to this so I may continue investigating.

Detective Larson, ou---

** CLICK **

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