Daniel Goad

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Children's Circle
5/8/2020 11:29pm

So I'm sitting there playing a game of what the elders call "duck duck goose". I had my legs crossed but tense, ready at a moments notice to be called a goose and pounce my assailant who dares call me such, just so then I can choose who to pass the unwanted moniker to. But, as things tend to go around here, there was something dark and sinister about being the goose today. Something....unsettling. something was screaming at me in silence saying " be as invisible as possible and dont be seen" . As much as I didnt understand I needed the foreboding warning. I released all tension and closed my eyes and convinced my body to be unseen and unnoticeable. I feel the chosen one drawing near, and hear his seductive call of childhood fun, "DUUUUCCK" "DUUUCCCKKK". I felt the giddiness of the of the ones beside, ready to do as would have been had the calling not reached me. With my eyes close I can tell he is getting closer and closer without the need of his voice, I can feel the antsyness rise in my fellow circle companions. Untili know the chosen is upon me, the time is now, will my efforts be in vain or will i......nothing. the chosen didnt give me either name, no pat on the head, nothing. It worked. It worked so well that not only was I not chosen but I was completely skipped. I opened my eyes to witness the chosen choose they're replacement and the excitement of there game and the thrill of there chase. Then it was over game and I stood to join in the festive atmosphere and pal around with the fellow ducks, but not one eye fell upon me. Not one high five met my hand. Nothing I was still invisible.

This is the story of the first day that I realized I was invisible. I still struggle to this day with this curse.