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Psychic Space Station
3/30/2023 11:51pm

At first, Quix's Moon Elf friends seemed pretty cool. Definitely into a more of a boho thing than spacestation chic. I felt a little overdressed, but they offered me a glass of moon mushroom wine and that felt pretty cool. Maybe they were college students.

After introductions, I guess I "passed" and they took me deeper into the caves, where there was the most amazing spread of food I've ever seen -- and trust me I've seen a lot of banquets. This room though--napkins and table cloths made of thin pressed cheese, a bacon house, pillars of marvelous pork holding up a ceiling of stalactites dripping with butter... chocolate cakes so rich and prime rib so sweet you can't even tell them apart. We wash it all down with milk and cream.

I eat and eat till I'm embarrassed, and then I eat some more. Quix's friends aren't offended at all. They encourage it...

But now I don't know how long I've been here, or if this party ever ends. The food makes you kind of dizzy, and then queasy, and it's easy to get confused. Sometimes I find Quix and ask him to take me back and he says "Sure! Follow me!" and I follow him but always get lost and end up back at the party.

Sometimes I fall asleep and dream the cave is full of other humans, like me, but old and worn thin with scraggly hair and dressed in rags. They're asleep too, or wandering around and talking to themselves. Like a home for dementia patients.

But then I wake up and it's time to eat again, and the Moon Elves play their Moon Elf music on their boom boxes, and chatter and laugh, and sometimes I find Quix and ask him to take me back and he says "Sure! Follow me!" and I follow him but always get lost and end up back at the party.

I feel like I should get back to the station. How long has it been? My phone has no service but it most be broken, because the time is set to 157 years in the future. Does this Moon Elf party ever end?

When was the last time I checked my phone? Make that 163 years.

Psychic Space Station
3/26/2023 7:37pm

I'd never been in a short hop interplanetary shuttle before. We just teleported to the space station. It's a lot better for the environment.

But the place we were going didn't have a teleportation link, so we had to fly.

Quix is a great pilot. All the adaptive tech for his body type is built in to the cabin by default, and he really knows how to use his hands. If you know what I mean. ;)

The view from the portholes was kind of confusing. Sometimes the moon was visible, sometimes the earth. We must have been rotating in directions that didn't make sense. It was making me a little sick but I didn't want Quix to think I was some bumpkin.

Finally, we put down, way at the bottom of a deep deep crater.

"There's an airbubble here," said Quix unstrapping from the pilot seat. "You can breathe it just fine. Well, mostly. There are some dead spots so be careful."

We popped open the hatch into a gloomy cavern. Bioluminescent fungus seemed to mark a path.

"Follow the moon mushroom road!" Quix squealed, bounding across the cavern floor in great low-gravity bounds. "C'mon!"

Psychic Space Station
3/14/2023 10:51pm

It's weird to have so much in common with an elf that lives on the Moon.

Quix isn't like an "elf" elf, like with swords and magic or shoemakers. The Moon Elves get their name because they are very short (Quix isn't even two feet tall) and have greenish skin and pointy ears and noses and long fingers. So you can see how people might confuse them but they're not "elf" elves.

But we do both come from, well, I don't want to say "rich" but "upper middle class" families that are sort of overbearing and hard to live up to. I mean, I really enjoy weekends at Hilltop on Laucala with my parents, but sometimes I just want to break away! Do my own thing.

Quix totally gets that. Enough ice boarding trips to your own private mountain on Europa and anybody would get bored, even with the Jupiter view.

Quix says there's a cool place on the Moon that nobody knows about that's perfect for people like us.

Quix wants to take us there. And knows how we can borrow a shuttle so nobody knows.

Psychic Space Station
3/7/2023 7:38pm

The lo-fi beats mixer dance on the Psychic Space Station was pretty much the most awesome experience of my life so far.

I've been to lots of chic events. I'm from Psyhigh Dragonera, near Majorca, and my parents are both Psychic Ambassadors. And while I've grown up at all the best parties on Earth, this one totally takes the cake.

They turned down the gravity a notch or two -- or maybe that's just how I was feeling! Floor to ceiling windows all along the observation deck, the whole of the Earth showing through, and everybody dressed up in their snazziest space station dance clothes. I'd never felt more at home in my life!

Plus, made friends with a cute little Moon Elf named Quix. And no they DON'T mind being called Moon Elves because I asked. Amazing dancer. We made plans to hang out again soon.

Psychic Space Station
3/3/2023 6:02pm

First day on the Psychic Space Station and I am happy to report that the views are even better than in the brochure. And the artificial gravity is keeping most of us from getting space sick.

The station is quite large, and bustling with technicians and managers with pocket protectors. Many of them don't appear to be from Earth.

Most of our time has been spent in orientation -- tours of the different levels, extraterrestrial cultural sensitivity training, intro to shortwave mind control -- and of course getting acquainted with the "spacefood" the station is known so well for.

And there's a mixer tonight for all the visiting students with some kind of alien lo-fi dj. Good thing I brought the right clothes!