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Advanced Telekinesis Class
1/24/2021 5:58pm

Hey @Ms. Wissen I don't think we're supposed to put our student mantra IDs on the chats because of the identity stealers, and how if they have it they can steal your face when you a sleeping and then walk around with your face on and do stuff.

Like right now I just saw three @Kaia Malone in my hall, all claiming to be @Kaia Malone and doing @Kaia Malone stuff, like reading fairy tales in strange languages. One of them is knocking on my door right now but I am pretending I am asleep. But I will never put my student mantra ID out in the open like that.

School Store Oddities
1/17/2021 10:18pm

I took home a pair of safety glasses with software lens. Just like the ones old people use, to keep them on track. You know how you're not supposed to play with your parents' safety glasses with software lens but then you do anyway and it hurts and makes you a little sick? This is like a training set, with soft bumpers and railings where the poison hooks are supposed to be, so you can get used to it.

I really don't want them. I suppose they could help build up your immunity, but they're still addictive.