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12/12/2019 1:49pm

The spicd agaric tea was purely delgihtful, being that I have nvr tride smoe. It taste like my mother cinmon rols, nd th efecs are gr8. I'm still quit farly undr th influnce of th shrrooom, tho i cant sem to undrstrand y? tH unicorn in my rom keps telin me im fine, but my romate, @Remy dosnt beleve me. They r stdyin fo thre cow test tomorow, so i undrstnd why they mght be mad.

aNwHo, i wnted to thnk u, @Mary Agnes , fr th teeaa. im sry to leve you so son, but my tedy ber wants to ask me a smthn....

Just a normal well... Or is it?
11/19/2019 5:20pm

@Wooba Song I would be glad to assist you in the investigation of this bizarre well, I myself am quite curious about the issue. As far as the investigation goes, what exactly would we be doing? Would we be venturing into this Void portal, or just observing from afar. Also, is there anything that you would need me to bring, supplies wise? Just @ me in a post with the list and I will come prepared. A thousand thanks!

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11/18/2019 2:18pm

Dearest Journal,
In an attempt to achieve a well-rounded class schedule; I have decided to take an intro to the language of fish, bending quantum physics 101, time travel 101, how to dream walk, the basics of telekinesis, and a basic class in inter-dimensional travel. Everyone here is quite supportive and helpful, and my acclimation to this lifestyle grows easier by the day.

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Learning a New Language
11/17/2019 10:00am

@Remy I am quite curious to which classes I am to take, and I was wondering how you are managing learning cow. In this linguistic pursuit, have there been any extreme difficulties, other than your run-in with the slug? Drawing upon what little of the cow language that I know, the verb conjugations seem foreign to me. Please explain how one would conjugate the verb "moo", I can't seem to figure out how.
Many thanks!

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11/16/2019 2:15pm

I'm enjoying my time here at Psy High, and it's quite a thrill compared to my old school; the International Institute of Not Doing Much. My parents are unaware that I am attending this school, and I would like to keep it that way. Please don't mention anything relating to me, brainwashing, memory wiping, high school, or telekinesis in their presence.

I look forward to meeting my fellow peers and feeling accepted in the school environment!

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