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Giant Frogs, School PSA
4/13/2022 9:51am

I know a conjuration gone wrong when I see it. If I’m right, people have more to worry about than being “knocked down” by giant frogs. They should prepare to be swallowed. Wait a minute, does this mean there’s another druid on campus?

Cyber Angel
4/13/2022 8:49am

I don’t have a proper frame of reference for “cyber” but I know enough about angels to be wary. I prefer my extraplanar entities to be more abstract. Perhaps I prefer elemental forces because they come with a lot less moral superiority. There’s a tradeoff in relatability of course. When I first bonded with the/my wildfire spirit it was difficult. It just wanted to burn, because of course that’s what a spirit of fire would want to do. Whenever I would bring it out it would just hover there and burn, occasionally darting out burn other things, but mostly just burn in place. I could feel its presence in my mind but it wasn’t like connecting with the mind of a person or an animal. It was very strange, very alien. Things have gotten better over time as we’re around each other and as I take opportunities to more intentionally commune with it. It looks like me now, taking on my shape and even facial features so that when I call it I’m greeted by a fiery version of myself. Its propensity to dart off has even taken on a sort of mischievous feel that wasn’t there before. I think with more time there’s more it might pick up from me and my ideas of how fire should behave, but I am curious about the effect its having on me. I can see the change in it more than I can detect the change in me but I know its happening. I’ll have to pay closer attention...

Coming back to angels though, it strikes me that I don’t think anyone in our Circle has documented anything about “ascension”. While angels themselves are suspect, the idea of being able to become one is certainly interesting. I’m sure if I could find out how this transformative ritual is done the information would be a valuable addition to our studies.

4/12/2022 8:32am

Our first little excursion was kind of a mixed bag. To start with, I didn’t pick up any diamonds. I was hoping to have some ahead of need just to be on the safe side. Unfortunately diamonds are diamonds and difficult to come by. I’ll be keeping my eye open for more opportunities to pick some up. I did come across a nice breastplate so that makes me feel a bit safer out here. Now let me stop you before you get going on that old, “Druids don’t wear metal” thing. Most druids also hate the undead whereas many in my Circle (myself included...for obvious reasons) find them extremely interesting. I’d even go further and say they’re one of the more popular options for transitioning. Beyond that though, that “witchfire ranger” thing was no joke. In addition to study and experimentation with arcane and mundane forces and substances, I tend to do quite a bit of out-and-abouting, galavanting one might even say. Hanging about in the forest might make it easy to turn your nose up at some metal armor, but when you’re in the thick of it, your priorities shift. You know the saying, “there are no Druids in foxholes.”

My own personal foxhole for this leg of our journey was a rundown castle with a handful of goblins. And an owlbear. Less about him the better. Mostly I didn’t do so bad, but I haven’t been in a proper fight in a little bit so I admit I was rusty and didn’t make the best choices at all times. I had a pretty good thing going at first with the old illusory doorway trick, but after that skirmish, then the turning back of the owlbear, the last confrontation got a bit out of hand. Attacking people from the ceiling is harder than it looks and I didn’t really get many good shots off, maybe one hit the whole way through. I’m thinking of a new casting method, I’ll try it out and report how it goes. You wouldn’t think you’d miss so much shooting blasts from your eyes, but there it is. In any case, misses happen, but my bigger stumbles came by not focusing my fire. I spread myself a bit thin and it would have been more efficient, not to mention more impressive, to narrow my scope. Won’t make that mistake again. I only had to use spell slot for all of that though and I’ve still got at least one big trick no one has even seen yet so I’m eager to get this show on the road.

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4/11/2022 4:47pm

“August, at your service. Dashing? I know. My last name? That’s not really how our Circle does things. I’m sometimes called the Witchfire Ranger if that helps. Anyway, nice to finally meet you all. I’ve been following your trail for a bit. You do leave quite a mark in the area you know. I felt a Cleric almost die and then quite a lot of goblins made a transition. I’m glad for it though, I wouldn’t have bumped into Jared if not for you. His little arcane project was certainly fun to be part of. Sometimes the trick with corpses is getting them to think of themselves as living again, but in the way YOU want them to. I could show you this trick with a drum where, if you do it right, they think its their old hearts beating in their chest and that’ll really get them going. Easy as drowning rats at that point.“

That sounds like a good introduction doesn’t it? I think it’s coming on bit strong, but it’s hard to find the balance. Meeting people can be hard. Far easier just BEING with people and letting the chips fall where they may. Certainly more entertaining. It worked out ok thought, got caught up in what looks like it might be a great adventure. This will sure add to the Ship Fund and I may even get to milk something interesting...

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