Aliyah Rhodes

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1/25/2018 12:09pm

Today I got detention.

The teacher was doing mental evaluations and I took that opportunity to get back at them. I began to project images of the cartoon I was watching last night. The teacher got annoyed and asked me to stop. I did not, instead I put her face over each of the characters. She did not not find this joke very funny but I was in tears from laughing.

She then cut off the transmission and sent me into an isolation chamber where I couldn't think or do anything.

I think next time, I'll try something that will actually make her laugh.

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12/4/2017 1:58pm

It is dark outside. The stars nor the moon can shine through this suffocating darkness. It is almost tangible yet constantly manages to move just out of my grasp. I will try to scream for help when I find out where I am.

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10/30/2017 12:20pm

I lifted a fork off of a plate today from across the room. To my luck, a steak was attached to it. Now I have a new fork and free steak.

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10/16/2017 11:47am

Hello All,

Today is my first day enrolling and I can hear all of your thoughts as you read this. I look forward to telepathically conversing with all my peers.

Thank You

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