Alea Downton

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Psychic Summer Activities Calendar
6/5/2020 11:28am

Hi @Ms. Hazeltine!

I wanted to ask you if perhaps there was a club for students with sorceress and sorcerer gems/powers? Me and about 12 other kids would be really happy if there was!

- Alea

6/5/2020 11:22am

Oof. Sorry about the post being uploaded a million times. Technical difficulties with my hovering keyboard. :)

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Children's Circle
6/5/2020 11:17am

Oh yes, the children’s circle! Back before the sorcerer’s jewels fell into my hands, I was just a color changing child, attending this wonderful group. I remember when me and Callie ran away to catch the tada-lilies by the revival pods, and Callie accidentally melted one! She lost tela-button privileges for 4 weeks! Our circle was sky themed! We ate in giant clouds! The teachers were always strange though... Like they had just come from the Core....

The potato of doom
6/5/2020 8:10am

“I suppose I should have guessed what that cat would have done, but I SWEAR I didn’t mean for it to take over the base!” I said. Well, maybe I did. The base was rigid, and rule following, and all of the furniture was white. I wanted SOMETHING to be colorful and different. But would I admit that to Callie? No, no I wouldn’t. She was the daughter of the base commander, and I hate when she knows better. But, oh well, it’s not like that’d change anything...... right?

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