Twin Trouble

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Psy - Sean Sarris
- 4/26/2023 5:30pm

Well- hello, Psychic High School! I’m Sean Sarris, a budding psychic (Type 3, untrained) looking to make a big splash here on campus.

Today was my orientation and first day. I think it went pretty well. The classes are interesting and the students all seem pretty normal (or at least as normal as they can be for a student body filled with so many eclectic power-types).

Also, some of you may have met my fraternal twin sister Scarlette (the bubbly cyborg). She possesses absolutely no remarkable “psychic” potential by the way, but still manages to capture quite a bit of attention. But I’m not bitter. Nope.

I mean it’s like just a cheap trick- flexing her shiny metal arm in the quad. Is it impressive... sure, I guess. But THE MIND is the real muscle that impresses.

In fact, one time- I managed to predict three (of the six) lottery numbers correctly by USING MY MIND TO SEE INTO THE FUTURE.

Pretty incredible, right? AND I’m untrained. That’s just natural talent. SO MUCH POTENTIAL. Big things are coming, I can feel it.

Anyway, I’m off to "Augmented Mind Contact" to meet my powerful peers, all ready to pursue their absolute limits! Stay tuned!

Scarlette Sarris
- 4/26/2023 5:33pm

YOOO my name's Scarlette nd I'm a flippin cyborg!! Tdy was my first day at psy high, so of course ur girl's excited. The ppl here are sooo chill I clicked instantly. 1st period was robotics so i got ppl all over me. i mean, who wouldnt be amazed by my super cool amazingly awesome robot arm?? anyhoo, my friends are spam texting again gtg

Psy - Sean Sarris
- 4/26/2023 7:56pm

Augmented Mind Contact was a bust. Everyone was being so juvenile.

Jeff, Mike, and Dan all used memory scans and tried to isolate “shower moments” in an attempt at trying to see their classmates naked. Grow up, guys.

I was reading about this class of MIND PROBERS from like 20 years ago that messed around and found out. They were all mentally probing a coma patient in the lab- which is, I guess, a pretty standard astral plane field trip for those guys.

Anyway, something they did in there must not have gone the way they wanted, because ALL SIX of the MIND PROBERS went brain dead. Pretty spooky stuff.

I took the long way back from class by passing the medical ward. A nurse was walking inside a red door. It was open long enough for me to see that there were seven beds with old vegetative people.

I think those were the MIND PROBERS of 2002. Isn’t that messed up? This school is full of cautionary tales, but everyone on staff is so secretive that it’s tough to tell what is real and what is urban legend.

Like there’s one story about the entire NinjaBall stadium being swallowed by a 1000 foot tall gelatinous space monarch. All of those students and faculty (and a fairly large sporting structure) just disappeared under the sea. AND NO ONE TALKS ABOUT IT!

Anyway, where was I? Ah, yes - THE MIND is a sacred place. Show some respect you turds!

Psy - Sean Sarris
- 4/30/2023 4:53pm

So, after a particularly good first week, I submitted my Student of the Month application to the PsyHigh office. (Go, me!)

Now I have no illusions of grandeur or any sort of inflated ego. I really, really didn’t expect to hear back this month. I thought best case was that the administration would get used to seeing my name pop up with all the other submissions. AND THEN within maybe six months or so, I too could be celebrated as student of the month (SOTM). That seemed mildly plausible to me.

But imagine my excitement when PsyHigh administrator, Mr. Jimey Livepool, reached out upon my very first SOTM submission. I was stoked. I mean this would go a long way to ensuring that I am on pace to achieve the entirety of my PsyHigh bucket list.

BUT as it turns out (like most things in life), that there was some sort of misunderstanding. Apparently they wanted to honor my sister Scarlette and her shiny metal arm- since on her second day she saved some werewolf (or were-person? Were-student?) from being sucked into a mini-black hole in the cafeteria.So, I mean- congrats for her or whatever.

After I somewhat vocally chastised Mr. Livepool for his unfortunate oversight, the administration felt bad for their mistake and decided to make BOTH OF US students of the month (now “Siblings of the Month”).

But like do I even want to be SOTM now? I’m of course asking rhetorically, because naturally I do, but I do wish it was just me receiving the honor. Ugh!

I mean Scarlette is like… okay, or whatever. But she’s not even really supposed to be at PsyHigh at all. They don’t usually let in students that just have some cybernetic components. I mean what’s even remotely psychic about that- talking to machines, digital interfaces? I dont know, but everyone just loves a “cool cyborg.”

The other day her friends collided with me in the hallway. They accosted me, broke my glasses, and shoved me into my new locker. I figured that an elite school like this would be well beyond the stereotypical mean girl bullies, but maybe it’s called a stereotype for a reason. Anyway, they all had a good laugh.

Then like a shining knight, SCARLETTE to the rescue!!! She ripped the locker door from its hinges. Major overkill if you ask me.

NOW, MY LOCKER HAS NO DOOR! And there’s apparently a six week wait before I can get a new locker door installed. So, now I have to carry all my textbooks to each and every class. Scarlette offered to carry them for me with her fancy schmancy arm, but I won’t let her.

Anyway, I guess she and I will share the limelight that comes with the title Students of the Month- which is still a win. Another little win is the fact that tonight is taco night in the cafeteria. So that's definitely something.

Scarlette Sarris
- 4/30/2023 4:53pm

It's a cool evening and the rain is drizzling. The sun is starting to set into a pretty orange and purple gradient. Life is good ever since I started at Psychic High School...

Is what I would say if these dorks didn't ruin it for me.

I was headed to 8th period when I saw a group of what I thought were my "friends", bully my little brother, Sean! I was so confused but then I got clouded with anger. I stormed over and confronted them asking what they were doing. Apparently they didn't have any idea we were related so continued to talk trash about my bro. I announced he was my little brother, then the crowd went silent. People started whispering, laughing, and giving me disgusted looks. I thought the group would apologize and everything would be all good but I guess that's not how life is. I could tell every emotion they had for me just by the look in their eyes. I felt ashamed and sort of regretted what I had just said. Maybe I should've pretended I didn't know Sean and went along with my party girl, cool cyborg, popular, fun life. That thought soon was removed from my mind when I looked at my little bro. He had bruises on his shoulder from being pushed into a locker. His glasses were smashed and shattered on the floor. Why would I EVER want to think of myself as their friend? Frick them! I walked past them and tried to help Sean up. He didn't wanna hear it and got up himself and stormed away.

Sean has always been jealous of me. Especially since I got the cyborg arm. He's such a hard worker and doesn't get the recognition he deserves. On the other hand, I've got it all handed to me. I get through life with no effort, and have always had the advantages. When I got my injury, everyone gave me gifts, love, care, and their overall pride that I was able to persevere. Sean has always held a grudge against me for that I think. Can't blame him though.

Anyway, I ran away from the crowd. I heard whispers of conversations, hearing my name, weird arm, and things about my brother. I tried to block it out but it felt like all of the words were spears of fire chasing me and stabbing into my body. Burning it to a crisp. Then I realized my arm was really hot. It looked like it was about to burst. I quickly headed to the bathroom and locked myself in a stall, then I grabbed a bunch of toilet paper and wrapped my arm in it. I started to cry, tears falling down my cheeks. I wonder if other people sometimes just feel so hopeless, yet still so angry. Thought after thought, my head was spinning. Soon I got the idea that maybe my arm warms up when I get extremely overwhelmed. I noticed this happen during the summer when I was at a crowded outdoor festival. Random adults kept approaching me real close asking if I wanted to buy what they were selling. I had no personal space and was still supposed to act nice. My arm got realll hot, but I thought it was just the summer heat. The same thing happened again at a sporting event. Then in my own room from a flipping video game.

Well, at least I discovered something new today. I ended up skipping 8th period in the bathroom stall to clear my head and took the long way back to my dorm, trying to avoid as many people as possible. I stormed up to my room and shut the door. Food didn't seem appealing right now, so I skipped dinner and laid in my bed, contemplating life... That's when I decided to write in you, Journal. Y'know, the previous little diary entry was a lot more cheery. But stuff happens, and that's life. Goodnight, Journal. Hopefully the morning will bring a new and improved mindset for me.

Scarlette Sarris
- 5/7/2023 5:44pm

WTF!! My arm was flipping stolen! I didn't even know it came off... But it does, and it's gone!? That arm took a lot of technical work and money to create, so I don't know what to tell dad. "Someone stole my arm"? Now I just sound stupid. Anyway, I'm back to uno arm for now.

I was originally just gonna write about the mental things I've discovered this past week, but life had other plans. I still want to mention how I've tried to cope though. Ever since the whole big toxic friend thing, I've tried to put more of my focus on my education and psychical therapy for my arm. I still always get side eyes and my stomach drops whenever I see an old 'friend'. I recently realized that I don't miss them, rather miss the entertainment they distracted me with. I never really liked them as people. I knew that bullying was pretty harsh, and I knew that some jerks did that to my brother, but I guess I never fully processed that that was... real? I dunno, but witnessing it just felt different... But back to the big boy topic. I still don't know who or what stole my arm and have no possible idea where it could be.

A big thing in PsyHigh that I never really bothered to care about was the fights. Because of the whole psychic part of this school, social ranking is based off of how cool or powerful your ability is. The students with weaker abilities or useless in normal circumstances are targeted more, and the students with amazingly powerful abilities are considered cool and mighty. My arm has a lot of different mechanics (I sort of lied to make them sound way cooler than they actually are), so no one ever came at me because I was 'more powerful' than them.

Well, right now I'm on the toilet and I honestly don't know what to do. I'm trying to keep a perfect attendance, but today's gonna be hard with no robotic cyborg arm to protect me. I'm thinking I'll just tape something hard to my elbow, throw on a bulky jacket and call it a day. Call me crazy, or is that actually a good idea? I dunno, but crossing my fingers it works.

P.S., Apparently I'm Student of the Month!? I was tryna stay on the down low, but that's pretty cool! Actually, me and Sean are Students of the Month. I never heard of two people being SOTM but something tells me they just felt a little bad for 'ol Seany Wawny...

Psy - Sean Sarris
- 5/7/2023 6:02pm

I met a student witch named Estelle today. I thought they all went to real world Hogwarts-like fantasy schools. I didn’t know witches and warlocks and wizards were like even Psychic High-eligible. I guess I keep getting reminded what a crazy melting pot PsyHigh actually is- I mean anything and everything can happen here.

Anyway, Estelle is another new transfer student. Apparently she was kicked out of her witch school for turning a professor into a frog and then forgetting the counter spell. So she was able to transfer in to PsyHigh since she’s a local.

She seemed a little out of her depth, so I thought as the honorary student of the month (at least, one of them), I could act as sort of student liaison to other fresh faced Psychic High School students (even if she technically started the same week that I did).

Estelle is in my INTRO TO MIND CONTROL class (which is odd because witches traditionally can’t do mind control… at least mentally). My understanding is that it has to be some combination of cauldron work and potion-making to influence others. The poor kid couldn’t even “suggest” to make the test subject Mr. Sanchez take a sip of his coffee (and as we all know Mr. Sanchez really loves his coffee). It’s a little sad.

I helped Estelle find her next class, but I saw her sneak away after getting a talking to from another teacher. It didn’t look like a good kind of conversation.

I know Psyhigh can be a daunting place especially when you haven’t found your crowd or clique or your like-minded people. I take for granted that I’m not entirely alone myself. I have my showboating sister here too to keep me company.

Speaking of Scarlette, she’s seemed a bit down lately. Maybe she’s going through a weird emo phase. But I’m not going to let that slow me down, no sir. I’m here to be the best student I can be.

When people think of the best and brightest of Psychic High School, I want people to remember the name SEAN SARRIS! There’s a lot of history here, and I’m going to be a big part of it!

Honestly, someone should right a book about this place, it would probably be a best seller. Or if not, then at least it would make for a really interesting cult read.

Paulie Deuces
- 5/10/2023 10:07pm

You know about synchronicity, right? Like, you’re thinking about a plate o’ shrimp, and suddenly you see a picture of the Loch Ness monster? Ok maybe that’s a bad example. 

Anyway, I’ve got a very certain kind of synchronicity in that I see twins wherever I go. Like, I just went to 7-11 and saw three pairs of twins on the way there and two on the way back. At first it drove me crazy, and that’s why I was referred to join Psychic High School by the counselor at my old school. She said it’s all related to the twin I shared a womb with but who mysteriously didn’t appear when I was born. 

Now I consider myself a “twin hunter” in that I am very interested in twins and their magic. And there’s a new pair of twins at school — the Sarris’s. I really want introduce myself but I heard the girl twin will kick my ass if I start bugging them. What I really want to know is if they've ever heard of the Twofold Orb of Tweeling. I hear it's a twin thing.

So I’ve just been kind of low key stalking them instead. Because that's not creepy at all.

I am soooo going to get my ass kicked.

Sean H.
- 5/14/2023 5:18pm

I fess up to stealing scarlette's arm!! I ferl bad but i also really needed something to help me reach one of the library shelves! If yoy see this im sorry!!!,if it'll make you feel better ill give you some of my snacks from my stash if ur interested... like i said before i really do apologize and it was a dumb move for me to swipe it like that! </3

Psy - Sean Sarris
- 5/16/2023 3:10am

Turns out about a week ago, Sean H. (AKA the other Sean) stole Scarlette’s robot arm in the library. He got scared when he heard who it belonged to and he left it in that abandoned computer lab in the Richard Nixon Space Travel Wing (or at least that's what the locator app says).

I went to look for the cyborg appendage, but all I found was an old squatter claiming to be an astronaut? I don't know what that guy is on. Apparently, he's been sustained solely on vending machine candy and a dangerous sparking hot plate for the last decade.

Anyway, the search was a bust. I hope the arm shows up eventually.

Scarlette has been really mopping around campus this week. She’s not really hanging out with any of her friends and has been avoiding some of her classes. Maybe she’s not as perfect as she’s always pretending to be.

In any case, I started taking a standard cerebral vitamin pack to help fortify my old brain as we gear up to more bigger and better challenges in both Remote Viewing and Augmented Mind Contact. I can definitely feel my MENTAL REACH improving. Big things are happening!

Also, does anyone else feel like they are being watched lately? I know that’s a pretty standard air at PsyHigh.

Between the shadowy corporate security cameras, those weird unmarked vans that circle the campus at night, dimensional demons peering through rifts in subspace, the British Time Police monitoring for anomalies from outside of time, and even that weird dark fog that follows you around in the library.

Ms. Shellington claims you can’t get sick from the fog, but it can’t be healthy, right? Does anyone else think it really smells like concentrated moth balls. Anyway- long story short, it’s not hard or unusual to be on edge around campus.

One of the side effects of the cerebral vitamin pack is paranoia, but this feels different. Like I do think someone is going through my trash. So, I’m either going to stop making trash or I’m going to set a trap- I haven’t decided.

I’ll update you soon.

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