Twin Trouble

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- 5/16/2023 5:35pm


---Unknown Error Encountered---

class Logger(object):
def __init__(self):
self.terminal = sys.stdout
self.log = StringIO()
def flush(self): lock.parameter_.13.3
user.identify: @<a href="view.php?user=Scarlette+Sarris">S.Sarris.01</a>

upload = UploadCommand response:0
try:signal.main (cmconnect:R.ARM)
sys.stdout = stasis.alive

message: “Hello.”

[end of line]

Psy - Sean Sarris
- 5/26/2023 2:16pm

So, Scarlette’s Arm is now… alive? I guess “sentient” is the word.

After whatever time, her bionic appendage spent at that musky defunct computer lab, it must have connected to the WIFI or a terminal and now it’s like independently talking and thinking and doing.

It’s quite an adjustment for Scarlette. She used to just control the arm, but now she’s having to negotiate all her actions with it.

If I were in that situation, I’d ditch the old arm and get a new one that took all your commands like it’s supposed to do. But a Scarlette thinks that’s a very callous way to handle this delicate arrangement . She definitely doesn’t want to hurt her arm’s feelings.

So now she’s is now having to do a bunch of therapy sessions with her new arm, but not like just occupational therapy. iI’s more akin to couples counseling. So bizarre. But hopefully that will help her connect to her arm in a more meaningful way?

Anyway, “Arm X-1” (that’s its name) apparently doesn’t really like me. Well, the feeling is mutual, buddy. Great. Now I’m talking about it like a person too!

Maybe it’s because I don’t consider it a real entity- why would I address it directly? But PsyHigh has a bunch of protocols for new life forms (be them alien or robotic AI). So those are the rules. Seems like we’ll follow this one by the book.

Scarlette thinks I need to try a bit harder, so I guess I will… for her and our new shiny friend.

She joked that we were now triplets- so we better get use to this new dynamic since that old arm isn’t going anywhere for a while. So, I guess our little dorm just got a little more full.

Psy - Sean Sarris
- 5/28/2023 8:53am

I don’t know if you’ve been paying attention, but it’s time for summer class selection. People tend to sleep on summer school at PsyHigh, but to me you get the opportunity to soak up the knowledge in a much better student to teacher ratio. And that’s good!

The bad news is for every gifted and talented student enrolled over the summer, four other students are being forced to retake classes from the previous school year.

It’s not just people who didn’t pass their classes either (although there are certainly a few of those). Sometime it’s people who unexpectedly popped out of the dimension during fall/spring semesters for any number of legitimate reasons. Others get lost on field trips through time, and still some others are discovered to have been swapped out by dark force shadow versions of themselves from the other side of the veil.

Needless to say, a lot can happen to the general student body during the school year. It more or less makes the summer session far more “popular” than your traditional private schools or learning institutions. I count myself among the lucky ones who just want to over-achieve (also known as just plain succeeding!).

Anyway, I managed to get priority scheduling after talking with Ms. Doris in the inverted front office on the top floor. Apparently she can pull strings for up and coming students who make daily stops to check the status of their application- like myself. I think I charmingly wore her down. To her, it was easier to just allow my very modest request versus denying me for the next couple of weeks each day (and sometimes twice a day if I was feeling particularly bold).

Anyway, I decided to get a spot in advanced augmented robotics with Scarlette. Consider it an olive branch I suppose. She said something last week that kind of stuck with me. She in so many words basically told me that I’m actively trying to avoid her.

I don’t think that’s true per se, but I do feel like I want to strike out on my own more often than not. It’s not personal… at least I don’t think it is. It can be difficult to just be considered as part of a pair first and a seemingly incomplete individual second.

Honestly, I want to be able to cast my own shadow, instead of being in her’s. I guess it can be a bit trying to stand together as an inseparable unit, as just a half of a thing. I wonder if she feels the same way? Who knows.

But anyway, I hope summer opens up new possibilities and acquaintances. I’m ready for some kind of adventure.

Paulie Deuces
- 5/29/2023 10:03pm

So far I have avoided having my ass kicked.

@Scarlette Sarris and @Psy - Sean Sarris are thankfully somewhat self-absorbed, which has allowed me to perform my observations with minimal risk.

And the Twofold Orb of Tweeling is the device I use for these observations.

I had been a bit cagey about actually possessing the Twofold Orb of Tweeling, but with so few students studying the arcane these days it doesn’t raise many eyebrows. Outside of staff, maybe only @Estelle Rose would be in a position to recognize it, so I’m careful.

“Oooo what’s that? Telekinetic bolos?”

“Uh, kinda. Yo-yo, actually.”

“Know any tricks?”

“Just practicing.”

But now the Twofold Orb is picking up a third entity, which has put the whole apparatus into a three-body problem, which is a lot harder. I’m going to have to watch some YouTube videos or something.

Paulie Deuces
- 6/12/2023 9:34pm

I was able to get a seat -- way in the back -- for the summer term of Advanced Augmented Robotics (or AAR!!! as it's known to students). I'm only auditing the class, but I'd heard that both @Scarlette Sarris and @Psy - Sean Sarris were going to be in it so made sure I was in the room to make my observations.

What I didn't realize is that Scarlette's cyborg arm -- @arm.X-1 -- had it's own chair in the room! And that arm is the life of the party let me tell you. Not only with its acrobatic moves all around the room, but when Scarlette shouts "POWER ARM!" and kneels down with her arm in the air and there's this big thunderclap and the arm shoots across the room and couples up with her and then BANG! suddenly she's covered in red hot power armor. The first time it happened her brother Sean ran up to touch her and burned his hand.

Which explains why my Twofold Orb of Tweeling has been transforming into the Threefold Orb of Drieling all week. This is totally off the charts Twin Magic. I'm going to get published in PsyTwins Quarterly for sure.... once my research has been peer reviewed.

Estelle Rose
- 3/6/2024 1:49pm


Sara Rose
- 3/6/2024 1:51pm

I’ve read the old newspapers the school newspaper and there were two twins that were student of the month and now they got in missing and there was an arm that’s my literal classmate??? What’s going on in the school someone please tell me please.????????!

Estelle Rose
- 3/6/2024 1:53pm

@Sara Rose. thats a good idea.. ill go read the news papers I have under my bed

Sara Rose
- 3/6/2024 1:53pm

Okay…. @Estelle Rose

Estelle Rose
- 3/6/2024 1:54pm

.. i couldnt find anything... did you find anything? i only found they were going on vaca summer 2023.... wbu??..... @Sara Rose

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