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Jira, Clairvoyant
- 8/29/2023 7:54am

Just realized there are a lot of transfer students here. Let's help them (Yes, including @Paco Urania, @Mayhem McHanson, and countless others.) by creating a help center.

Right now, they couldn't talk about Psyhigh or even the Twin Cities area (around Psyhigh) in their posts.

We'll name it: Trans-dimensional Student Welcome Center.

We are transfer students from other dimensions welcoming transfer students from other dimensions.

When will this club meet?

Jira, Clairvoyant
- 8/29/2023 2:57pm

"I need new friends. I'm stuck and from another universe."
Come to the Trans-Dimensional Welcome Center!
Help is sent for transfer students by transfer students.

Meets right after school every Wednesday, starting tomorrow, at the Psyhigh Gym.

I started this because:
Loneliness is no stranger to me.
Outcast in both my home and Psyhigh.
Transfer Student
It's very annoying to make friends while wanting to master seeing the future and healing magic. That's how I want to get CASH.
I was called "that wannabe psychic (who is forbidden to become one)" at home, and the only student to ever interact with me at Psyhigh was @Aubrey Ingram in my nightmare last night.

Aubrey Ingram
- 8/29/2023 8:15pm

Oh that’s so sweet @Jira, Clairvoyant! It was really gratifying to land that particular dramatic role, because I had a book once and it gave me special insight into the character.

But I’m also keeping up my range. For instance, tonight I’m playing someone in a giraffe costume at a roller rink. It’s just a background character but have some really good ideas about the character that can showcase my physical comedy abilities that I’m looking to bring up with the director.

Oh but hey — if you like, we could talk about a meet and greet at your new Welcome Center. I could do autographs! In their dreams. Just get ahold of my Dream Agent and he can see what my schedule looks like.

Jira, Clairvoyant
- 9/1/2023 5:14pm

I contacted Dream Studios. You can have autographs.

Meeker Ya
- 9/2/2023 9:52pm

Hi… Transdimensional Welcome Centre?

I’m settled into my dorm room but discovered a lot of my extensions don’t work. They won’t fit. I have a universal adapter but none of the shapes are right.

Do you have a brochure or something? Like a how-to manual?

Jira, Clairvoyant
- 9/3/2023 9:53am

What extensions?

Meeker Ya
- 9/6/2023 9:59pm

Hello Transdimensional Welcome Centre,

Thanks for your speedy reply. Yes I'm having trouble with my extensions.

For instance, I cannot establish a control interface with my roommate.

Please advise!

Thanks in advance,


Jira, Clairvoyant
- 9/7/2023 11:55am

We have a manual for that exact thing! Ask @Mrs Hazeltine and she'll say yes. I'm kind of unfamiliar with your case.

Amber Sunset
- 9/11/2023 8:34pm

Yeah I don't think @Mrs Hazeltine is going to have what you need @Meeker Ya. The school can only give you access to officially approved plugins. It sounds like you're going to need some custom mods and I can hook you up. You just have to disable that thingy to install them. I'll meet you at the Welcome Center after school tomorrow and make you a deal. Friend's discount!


Meeker Ya
- 9/16/2023 11:12pm

Hello @Amber Sunset,

Those mods you sold me are super glitchy. I was able to establish a control interface with my roommate but now it won't disengage and my roommate's thoughts are getting mixed up with mine and I'm having trouble telling us apart. I'm keeping track in a notebook but is there a reset or something? How do I uninstall? I'm kind of new to this.



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