The Mysterious Roommate

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Acacius Megalos
- 4/4/2015 6:41pm

Great news everyone! I have a Spirit Badge! This is so exciting. It looks like my knowledge of the arcane is paying off. In other news, I now have a roommate... I don't think that he's used to being around other people though. He entered our room, set down all of his bags, then promptly huddled into a ball the corner of our room and stared at the wall. Is this normal? I haven't studied normal human behavior in a long time, but I'm kind of worried about this guy. He hasn't told me his name yet; his only line of dialog so far has been, "Mmmmmm..." I think he's distracted by something. I'll try and talk to him tomorrow.

Acacius Megalos
- 4/4/2015 6:58pm

My new roommate is kind of scaring me now. He hasn't stopped staring at our wall... For three hours... I've tried asking around about him but I've found out almost nothing. All I know is his name might be Jerry and he likes walls. Does anyone reading this have any experience in hypnotizing people? I think that's the only way that I'm going to find out why he's like this.

Acacius Megalos
- 4/5/2015 6:04pm

Jerry is starting to amaze me. He hasn't eaten anything since he came here, and he's stared at the same wall for almost an entire day. No sleeping, no eating, no moving at all. The only thing that he's doing is murmuring the same thing over and over again... "Mmmmmmm... Mmmmmmmm..." Kept me awake all night. I'm starting to get really sleep deprived, It's kind of messing up my writing. I did some research last night, and I've found some possible reasons for Jerry being like this. He is either; being possessed by a demon, has been attacked by a parasite, screwed up a spell or an incantation that he was working on, or he had some bad mushrooms before he came. All of these are possibilities, but I'm thinking of getting someone with more experience in these kind of things. Until then, see you guys tomorrow, Acacius.

Acacius Megalos
- 4/6/2015 1:30pm

Jerry's starting to twitch! There's also a green vine growing out of his hear. This proves one of my theories. Apparently, he's being infected by a parasitic plant... I just don't know what kind yet. I think I'm going to inspect him in a little bit and see if I can find out how he got it and what it is. I'm also going to try and find out why Jerry keeps saying, "Mmmmmmm," nonstop.

Acacius Megalos
- 4/6/2015 3:39pm


Victoria S.
- 4/6/2015 4:07pm

hey acacias. is that how you spell your name? whatevs, i'm megabad at names, haha. anyway, i'm the girl who sits next to you in soul extrication class and i kinda maybe was eavesdropping on you. sorry.
i couldn't help but overhear that your roomie is being infected by some sort of, like, parasitic plant or something? if you'd like, my roommate jade knows almost everything in the book when it comes to plants. (and that's not just because she is one, she's a trained botanist. please don't make fun of her state of being, she's super sensitive about it!) maybe she and i can come down to check out your friend? let me know what you decide!
v sears

Victoria S.
- 4/6/2015 4:09pm

oooooh. my bad. apparently your name is spelled @Acacius Megalos i think? right? anyway, check out my last journal post. i'm a very important person ;)

Acacius Megalos
- 4/6/2015 4:58pm

Oh hey! I know you @Victoria S. Sure, you can bring your roommate here to check out Jerry. There are mysterious roots growing out of various holes on his body... They are growing extremely rapidly and they are starting to explore the room, feeling all of our stuff. One tentacle recently inspected my laptop, somehow accessing all of the websites I had up. I haven't checked to see if it did anything yet, but I don't think that it affected anything. Good luck inspecting him, he hasn't moved at all yet.

Acacius Megalos
- 4/8/2015 12:08pm

I'm in desperate need of help now... The mysterious vines are surrounding my room. They are now growing out of almost every single hole on Jerry's body and they're starting to wrap around our room. I have tried using various things to cut them but they have a thick, outer plate that's protecting them. Many of the more curious weeds have surrounded my bed, and I'm afraid that they will engulf me if I don't take care of this problem or move to another room. I'm calling for your help @Jade and @Victoria S.

- 4/8/2015 12:41pm

dEar @Acacius Megalos ,
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A fter rerading svveveral botanincal 3Enclycp{ledia.s, I havbe comepe to the sc conglusiotn tHAt Jerty haws been inFect ed with so me sort of viruois, whuoch he cont racted throug h dige sting a parasi tick pLA nt. T he o;yny waly thsi could ha veb happene ddd is ifgg??ed &* the Ps y hig h ca feterria stagf used spme variran t of "Ionumbra Claediuni", or Pha ntom AMbrossia, a comm oon seasoning. T oo much of it can sca&us e dementia, vine3 and o5th ere appendage grouth, and many ot ehr sympotns, all of whicho jeR R y has been showeeing.
VI c toria an d I a re goinig to re search anditondes for this, amd I recoomrend that youuu do tha same. Th e more mi nds we have, the fawseter jEr ryr can fet vvcak to moremal.
Bets of lUckkk to you,
Ja?de!vfiu Dsst/ Stincleair..

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