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Jacob Gryffon
- 12/29/2018 5:06pm

The strangest thing happened to me last night. I was with my friends behind the Reality Warping classroom of Psyhigh. You see, there’s a wall the that looks like it’s made of bricks and it’s just boring. So we brought out our shared collection of spray paint to- I don’t know- brighten it up a little? Anyway, we got to work and had barely tagged our names when the wall began to decorate itself in a range of colors and textures- I think one portion of the building started growing grass. But it didn’t stop there. The graffiti is spreading to the surrounding area- all trees, footpaths and buildings on the far west side of Psyhigh are now coated in patterns. I just wanted to say to all teachers, staff and faculty- it’s not my fault!

Jacob Gryffon
- 12/30/2018 10:36pm

Update: I got detention.

Nobody seemed to believe that the Reality Warping classroom has a mind of its own and coated itself with graffiti. Yes, I kept spray cans in my backpack. BUT I DIDN’T DO IT!!!

There’s actually more people in detention today than I expected. I’m sitting in the back left corner of the room, next to where all the Psyience projects are being kept, if someone wants to come pass notes or something.

There’s a girl in front of me who is tapping on the table with her fingers and it’s really starting to annoy me,

Janitor Pete
- 12/31/2018 7:03pm

In light of the outbreak of psychic graffiti on campus recently, the grounds team would like to say CUT IT OUT. We've been raking these leaves and scrubbing these undulating stone walls since before you kids were born, and due to the esoteric secrets of supernatural landscaping and maintenance, will likely be here long after your "tags" have lost any relevance to the subcultural dialogue of present-day juvenile delinquency.

Immediately we checked for Strange Patterns™, and determined that @Ekaterina S.'s exchange student friends were not to blame. So, after some additional investigation, we apprehended the perpetrators -- @Jacob Gryffon and "crew" -- who have been placed indefinite detention for what will feel like an eternity (but in fact only last for a few hours).

If you kids really want to make a statement with your art, why not try something lasting, like inventing a new political system, or creating massive pieces of land art that take decades to build? Quit picking on the poor defenseless Reality Warping classroom.

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