Jasmine Sphinx Oil

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Bailey Kahn
- 5/18/2020 7:10am

Hey guys! It's bailey again. Does anyone know where I could find a bottle of "Jasmine Sphinx Oil'? Does anyone know what that is? The mind baking team has sent me out on an adventure to find this stuff. Someone please help.

Bailey Kahn
- 5/19/2020 9:15am

Update: I went to the southwest wing of the school, and I have yet to find the ingredient. The only thing here are vines and twigs, and old old classrooms. It's kinda cool actually, but I doubt I'm gonna be here long enough to remember it haha!

Bailey Kahn
- 5/20/2020 11:29am

HOLY MOLY HAVE I HAD A DAY! OK, I was looking around for that oil right? So I walk into the old animal home economics classroom, and start going through the cupboards. Nothing. I look around the room, and only find Spanish badger oil.

So I go to the next room, the old ancient civilizations classroom. And I'm looking around, and spot a poster on the wall. The Egyptian pyramids! With the alien blueprints and everything! I walk over to touch the poster and run my fingers on the blueprints, when suddenly floor opens up.

I'm sucked into this tunnel thing, like a slide almost. When I finally get to the bottom, I'm no longer in the classroom, or at school anymore. I don't know where I am, but it looks like a hallway, except everything is made of sandstone. But, there's one big door at the end of the tunnel, so naturally I open it. Inside, was a real live sphinx! I haven't seen a real one since they went extinct all those years ago.

We lock eyes, and since then he's just been staring at me, almost like he's trying to see into my soul. Someone please help, I have no clue what to do.

Bailey Kahn
- 5/21/2020 8:32am

So, I ended up taking @Abigail C 's advice, and asked him about the oil. He grew very angry, saying something in what could be ancient Egyptian? I couldn't tell, as I had the ∯៛ strand of mononucleosis during that course so I wasn't in class. Besides the point, irrelevant.

Anyways, he closed the door with his huge paws, and I pulled out the subtitles device I had on me. He was talking about how his kind had been hunted for that oil, and he was the last jasmine sphinx left. I felt kinda... bad, y'know? He was all alone. He told me he was locked up here for his own good, and only the sphinx saviors could even open the gate to the hallway.

" But I thought sphinx saviors had to be the Egyptian gods? Like Ra and stuff..." I asked, and the sphinx shook his head." Oh, they never told you. I could tell as soon as you walked through the door. You're part god, young savior."

WHAT?! I know right?? I'm so confused. I'm part god? I thought I was a psychic. I guess that explains why my dad was always glowing as a kid.

Bailey Kahn
- 5/22/2020 6:54am

Now I'm sitting with this sphinx, who's name is Randall. He explained the whole history of his kind, and I guess i'm kinda enlightened now?

Anyways, he put his hand/paw/claw thing on my head, and his eyes went like BOOM. He told me that I'm a mix of Osiris and Horus. and he gave me a vial on a string.

He says to only use it if something goes wrong, and that i am to only use a drop at a time. I put it around my neck, it's kinda a cool necklace.

He also said I could visit him whenever I want, and to "practice controlling and to central my powers" whatever that means. But now I gotta find a way out of here...

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