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Journey Searches
- 5/31/2022 12:12pm

Dear Person Hopefully,
Yeah, I know it’s been a while since I put in my first entry, but cut me some slack, there’s a lot going on here that’s… distracting. So anyways, let me summarize what I’ve been up to:

* I looked around the school a little just to better understand whats what, I got lost once but found my way eventually. Everything has something to it it seems. Some things are just blatantly weird but other things are harder to tell. Even if you think it’s gonna be relatively normal, look again, its probably not.

* I’ve been seeing more auras lately on my way to, in, and from classes. From beautiful golds and brilliant blues to the deepest oozing black… I usually stay away from the students with the scary auras though. And I haven’t seen another square one, let alone another shape. What’s really weird is, I’ve always been able to oddly tell things about people. What’s on their mind, how their feeling, but it was always vague impressions they never alluded to. But, I never saw auras back home. Maybe it’s this place… it brings out something in me.

* Other than that I’ve just kinda been keeping to myself, I’m a little intimidated by this school honestly. I’ve seen a few students entries on here that acknowledge this place’s strangeness, but everyone I’ve talked to in person seems to think this is normal. Maybe I just need to find the right crowd.

* Today I tried to get the sticky hand off of my ceiling. I’m just so sick of that feeling. that intense feeling of being watched. All day. All night. I’m loosing sleep over it. I tried everything from stabbing and prying it with an ice pick to trying to burn it with a lighter. It just won’t budge. But I have learned that when you stab it, it groans, and when you hold fire to it, it makes a high pitched cry. How it’s making these noises I have no idea. I would ask if I could potentially change rooms but in this place, I think I’d rather stick with what I have then what I

Journey Searches
- 5/31/2022 12:41pm

Just realizing I connected my first post to the New Student Committee… that’s embarrassing… did not mean to do that. And I also don’t know how to take it off sooo… My sincerest apologies @Ms. Hazeltine for messing up your story tag. I’m definitely not the most tech savvy person…

Journey Searches
- 7/14/2022 11:35pm

Hey there, so. Things have… happened since I last logged. A lot of things. Let me catch you up. I apparently accidentally (?) joined the New Student Committee. And at first it was really fun, I met some new people and got to talk more to the square-aura-ed person I mentioned in my previous logs. Their name’s Terra and although I know little about them they seem really nice and interesting. So, as it turns out there are bee people living under the school. At first we thought they were friendly but… well, I’m so so sorry for everyone’s losses. I feel really lucky that I was just sorta in not the wrong place at the wrong time unlike the others. The moment I realized something was wrong and I might have to go solo for a bit, I grabbed as much food as I could and hid in my room for a while, only coming out to quickly get more food. I’ve also been discovering more about myself while hunkering down on here. Power-wise. Yesterday I was rearranging some stuff and my Encyclopedia of Madness almost fell on my head. Given how absolutely huge that book is it scared the living daylights out of me. Which is why it sorta- bounced off of me?? Well, it never really hit me. It sorta hit a spot in the air above my head then bounced off and splatted onto the floor. I’m not sure what that means but I may have more abilities then I thought I did. Anyways. Right now I’m feeling pretty scared. With… everything. I really liked those people the bees got to. Although I didn’t know them well. Terra logged about a Disaster Response team. So, I think I’m gonna join that. Maybe I’ll figure out if any of my “abilities” are helpful.

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