Fart Squad

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- 2/2/2016 6:50am

Today I farted rainbows for the first time professor tried to smell but i said it was my own personal business that creap

Missy Tengler
- 2/2/2016 10:44am

OMG we should go out for Fart Squad, @magic! Tryouts are this week! I only just started farting rainbows too, but maybe we could both make it on to the JV squad and start learning how to do all those great routines the Fart Squad does at all the games. Let's DO IT!

- 2/2/2016 12:37pm

My name is Shannon. I have always felt as if I could read and predict what others were thinking and what they were about to say before they actually said it. Many a times, I would say things at the same exact time as other people when I would predict what they said. I am currently in 9th grade but feel as if I don't belong anywhere. I just need to be somewhere, SOMEWHERE, where I feel like me and my so called scattered mind belong.

Missy Tengler
- 2/3/2016 11:01am

If you can fart rainbows, @Shannon, then were you belong is on Fart Squad with me and @magic! We already got together last night and are practicing our routine for tryouts, which are this weekend. We TOTALLY need a third so we can perform the super-magic Mandara Suicide Pyramid Action or Gas Satori formation! But you need at least three rainbow farters. Could that be you? I hope so!!!!

Kiki Blemsworth
- 2/5/2016 6:18pm

So Fart Squad tryouts were a total disaster. I don't know why I let @Missy Tengler talk me into it. @magic fell off the top of the pyramid and got rainbow all over the judges AND the entire varsity Fart Squad team. So not cool. Now I have to pretend I don't know either of them.

Charlotte Marie Smit
- 2/6/2016 4:39pm

I wanna join. I'm new and need friends! I can fart rainbows, as well as sprinkles, glitter and puppies.

Missy Tengler
- 2/8/2016 5:54pm

Found out today we didn't make the cut for official Fart Squad. Kind of a let-down, but I think it's mainly because my creative vision ultimately clashes with coach Cammy's.

But I'm still interested in pursuing my artistic talents in Fart Squad choreography, @Charlotte Marie Smit. And I think your glitter, sprinkles, and puppies talent would fit right in! Especially since @Kiki Blemsworth won't talk to me anymore.

@magic is still feeling it, though. Would you be able to get together with us this week and work up a routine we could do at the Heart Throb Dance on Valentine's Day? Even though we're not on the official squad, we're still free to perform on our own, right?

- 2/9/2016 10:11am

Lets do it start eating the beans

carl montage
- 2/12/2016 10:36am

Fart Squad isn't just for girls, right? Wasn't there a lawsuit? Because I've been farting rainbows since fourth grade and I'm really good at it.

Charlotte Marie Smit
- 2/13/2016 1:25pm

@Missy Tengler Yes! I'm so happy to be a part of somethi there, especially since I'm new. And yes, I'll meet you at the dance!

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