A jerk named Zero

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- 1/12/2022 6:09pm

So, cause I'm feeling down, I will write the first part of my depressing backstory. My "home world" is the world that everything went wrong for me. I mean, things went wrong in a lot of places, but this is ......wrong, warped you could say with a sense of humor. It's not completely my brother's fault.
Or is it?
In this world, my brother was an arrogant genius (and I mean GENIUS). That version of me was just as good, only he always seemed to get the credit for literally everything. He though I was just another annoying little sister, and let me tell you I was just as good as him a everything but charisma. Anyway, he started a company. I won't reveal the name. It became the best in the world, technologically. Then, the governments got involved. Buying in mass his weapons, a war broke out. A deadly war. A war to kill all other wars. A war he couldn't win. So he implemented code 0-0-9-9. All the weapons turned worthless, but then everyone brought out their aces. Many of them were unstable. It caused the warp. A force that wasn't from our world, with better weapons, arrived to conquer. The other nations consolidated to defend our freedom. I fought for my brother's forces while my brother ran to find the answer, the world tree, with my cousin. I'm sorry. I can't write more today..... This is only the beginning.

- 1/26/2022 6:52pm

My brother was gone. He never returned, and neither did my cousin. I stopped fighting. I didn't realize how close I was to him. The war became uneasy peace, and I kept working. I was finished, moments away from finding my brother. I had found the world tree. Five years of constant work. Of course, my luck stopped. An emperor arose, and he conquered the world. Alas, I was forced to fight. My plans were ruined. The worst part? It was my cousin, but he was not my cousin anymore. He was a psycho named Lord Emperor of Zero.

- 3/30/2022 3:06pm

They had experimented on him. He took over the world. I had to leave. His only weakness was us. Those who knew him. Those who were geniuses. Those who could fix him if we got together. Except we never got a chance.

- 5/6/2022 3:20pm

JK! My name isn't cursed. I'm just your old friend Kyle of Maston. You are sooooo gullible. Well anyway, I just got kicked off campus because Zerot Grett Setkar is Mrs. Nimoro's nephew and I just made up a rude story. Hah!

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