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Back to School Pals
9/3/2018 6:44am

this is my first year and I'm not prepared my clothes are not the right colour
( black ) as I failed my job in stealth walking to breach into my employers enemy and take a few bars of rainbow but as I failed I have no idea what to do as I haven't learnt how to summon the colour black from a portable rainbow so I might have to go white or blue. I hope in pshy high there's no one to hide from or for a need for something "unfortunate to happen to someone" but if it does its just my ninja side so anyway like I said school a prson for those who wish to be free.

my first day
9/3/2018 6:36am

today was my first day at phsy high and I got to say its amazing. The best part is its nothing like normal schools. As you can see us unicorn ninjas aren't that good at spelling or grammar but we sure love summoning rainbows in science. I really look forward for when we cover invisibility and silent curses in self defence class