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6/27/2021 4:38pm

i will make sure not to meditate on an open mind. sorry if i am replying to the wrong section, i have no idea how this website works, i’ll just have to ask a teacher or sum

See, that's the thing
6/27/2021 4:35pm

about me i guess:
my name is lumositia, i am 15 and only in the past few years i have noticed my psychic abilities beginning to emerge. in short, i’m a bit of a newbie. the first time i recognized my abilities was on my twelfth birthday. during the singing of “happy birthday” i was thinking about what i would like to wish for. suddenly, all of the fire that had previously lit my candles was blown out. i looked around the room. everyone stopped singing and i tried to figure out who blew out my candles before i got the chance, but nobody seemed to have done it. i glanced over at my little cousin. it was him, wasn’t it. turns out i was wrong. i began stepping toward him with an angry look, but he just stood there, not even a snicker. suddenly, a strange feeling rushed through my body, almost like a tingling sensation begging at my toes and up to my scalp. i felt hyper aware of everything around me and suddenly i felt an intense pressure on my brain. my cousin, as i focused on him began to float to the ceiling. i became surprised and the feeling immediately left me and he fell to the ground. my hands went right to covering my mouth. so yeah that’s pretty much what happened i’m excited to attend here!!!

lumositia bridge nice to meet you
6/24/2021 9:10pm

hello, i am new here at Psychic High School