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Green Light and the State of My Hair
8/10/2020 3:25pm

Hello all. Apologies for such extended radio silence, I have been out on an extended independent study to gather as much information on these mysterious organisms as I can.

In short, they are as harmless, if odd, as previously thought. Experiencing life with them is strange, but they do not interfere with most activities.

On the topic of their byproduct -the green slime, that is, it has simply become a manageable annoyance to keep up with. Similar bathing or cutting one's hair, you might say. Aside from being a mess to clean up, drainage of the production site is simple, only requiring a small incision to be made which heals at a surprisingly quick rate.

In the past months, no other side effects have been noted, discounting the discoloration of my hair. I have come to theorize that these creatures must feed off of bodily proteins without causing harm to the host, e.g. keratin and melanin in the hair.

In regards to the research, I have found a few others with similar experiences, though none have had the exact same experience as me nor each other. Pustules of bright and strangely colored yet benign slimes on various parts of the body are more common than one would think, as it seems.

For now, I must assume that these creatures cannot be removed nor exterminated and the strange case of them closed for now. Perhaps, in the future, I will find a solution among my new brethren of affected strangers, however; gloves must do for now.

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Green Light and the State of My Hair
11/18/2019 7:49pm

I have received the results of the lab tests, and the findings have been somewhat troubling. While the exact species is unknown, the slime substance appears be an excretion from an insect-like creature. How or where these creatures came from, I am not sure, but I do know that they now reside within the layers of my skin. At the current time, they are small enough to be indistinguishable to the naked human eye, and I hope it stays that way. I’m not sure how I will handle these creatures from here on, but I hope we can find a symbiosis together and that they will not cause health problems.

That’s all for now; I will report any more updates on the bugs.

Green Light and the State of My Hair
11/12/2019 8:22am

Hello again. It's been about a week since the green light, later slime, first appeared. Since then, a few peculiar things have happened. First and foremost, the slime is gone! Three days after its appearance, I noticed what looked like a tear in one of the bubbles of slime, yet it still held its bubble form. Upon closer inspection, I realized that there had been a thin, almost invisible, membrane covering the whole blob. At some point during the three days, the membrane had begun to tear and the slime proceeded to start leaking from the opening. At this point, I was able to remove almost all of the slime from my hands, and I would like to say that it is in fact VERY sticky. All those poor towels lost to the mysterious slime...

Since there had only been one tear, on my left palm, I took a scalpel from one of the science classrooms and used it to gently open up the membrane on my right palm. I've collected the slime in a jar and have sent a sample to a discrete lab for further examination. (No, I will not be revealing this lab nor will I be answering how I know of its existence.) If anyone would like to examine it as well, I would appreciate help in identifying the substance.

In the days that have passed since the removal of the slime, the membrane has resealed to my skin, and appears to just be the outer layer of it on my palms. No light nor slime has returned as of yet, though I won't hold my breath- I expect it will return.

I hope for the lab results to be returned soon and will be sure to post an update once I do.

P.S. My hair is still green, but the white does come through at the roots. If anyone has a stronger dye or similar method of coloring, I send a request once more to be found and discuss the matter.

Green Light and the State of My Hair
11/6/2019 2:38pm

On the status of the green light: Since yesterday, the light has disappeared, however, it has instead congealed into a gel-like slime coating my palms. Strangely, it doesn't stick to much other than my skin, yet this does mean that there is currently no method of removing it from myself. And I've tried. No paper, fabric, or stone materials will remove it, and no liquids (water, acid sprays, or strong bases) have so far helped. I'm considering attempting to use a metal sheet to scrape it off. If anyone has any ideas on how to make the slime go away, please contact me as soon as possible. It's quite annoying.

Considering my hair: It has now been colored green. Many thanks to whoever left the dye outside my door, however, the note left along with it was quite cryptic, reading only, "here". Either way, much appreciated, especially in keeping a consistent color scheme with the light/slime.

Will keep updating, again, if anyone has any methods for the removal of the slime, please find me.

Green Light and the State of My Hair
11/5/2019 3:33pm

Woke up today and my hair was bright white. A bit unusual, but I wasn't worried too much. Later though, I started to notice my palms glowing a bright green light. Not sure where that came from, maybe something I touched? Let me know if anyone has any theories, will keep updating on the status of the light.

P.S. Does anyone happen to have any spare hair dye?