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9/3/2015 6:02pm

Sigh, I'm officially moved in with @Castalia and I don't know what to do since she's asleep. Maybe I could take a dip into her dreams? Or maybe I could try to make some friends with ghosts.. Hmm.. what to do..*I twirl my Yin necklace, thinking* Maybe I could self promote my business.. *I smile as a dark purple mist swirls around* Welcome to Zenovia's dark magic, I can make potions for you and more, even maybe see into your future if you would like. Obviously, I would charge you differently for different situations. BUT, I don't take your gold, nor your money. I only charge in crystals and ingredients. Want a spell to make someone sleep? Only 4 Melanite gems. A potion to make your crush like you back? Easy, only 15 Almandine Garnets. *I snap and the mist goes away* Maybe you'll be interested? I hope so.

How good it is to be bad.

Signing off for the night, Zenovia. ☠

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