Wyatt Waters

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3/23/2021 10:38pm

Dear diary (Mar. 24, 2021)
I don't remember much anymore and the more I try to think about it the more my head hurts. My head actually really hurts, maybe I should see a nurse? I don't really remember signing up for a new school actually, I thought my mom had signed me up for a late "summer" camp. I guess not. This place is kind of big, and everyone and everything seems off. I still dont know where I fit into all of this, I feel like that one puzzle piece that should fit into that one last spot but was printed wrong. And my luck is really running thin, when I tried to get a drink from the vending machine, where I'm assuming the cafeteria is, broke right before it could give me my drink. Now im a $1.50 short. Oh I just noticed that my headache has gone away due to the growing confusion. I really hope I end up where I am supposed to be, I dont even have a schedule. Actually, I just noticed this isnt my old diary, It seems to be brand new. Is this some sort of odd scheme or prank?

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