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Questions n Tomorrow
2/14/2015 7:11pm

@Cassa N. Dra

Hi Cassa. I'm most intrigued about your mind reading talent and that -she- person you mention in your entry a few times. I am Vicky and I can see into the future. I dont want to reveal much, but I must warn you that you are in great danger. My advice? Stay away from microwaves and dont eat marshmellows. That is as far I can tell you... Beware and oh! Stay away from black cats for a week at least.

2/14/2015 6:52pm

Its great to finally start psychic school. First lesson in ghost cat whispering and I did a lot of improovements. You see, my problem was that although I heard all "meows" I could not actually understand what they meant. Same for cats alive. But now I know what they want perfectly.

I also made many new psychic friends! Its been real fun and I didn't even had to talk outloud to meet them. Telepathy has never been more fun. Telepathic jokes are better than normal ones but I must admit is weird to laugh inside your head. Are the others listening? Do I sound like a pig to them too?

Waiting for my next day at school!
Cheers, Vicky

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