Ultima Thule

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Haunted Driver’s Ed
8/5/2018 5:09pm


Ahhhhrrmmmmmmph. HACK HACK HACK

OK!!! Enough is enough! Not even the Wraiths of Terror should endure this level of torture. The sulfur and brimstone we give off naturally is fine if there's plenty of ventilation, but there's literally NO cross breeze inside this horrid seal. Seriously, the air quality is at least in the purple, and if we had a proper inspector come from the Diabolical Standards Administration I will bet you they would find severe code violations in @Haunted Ed's demon trap.

That said, we are willing to give up our requests for the free oil changes forever at LuciferLube and the lozenges. But we still demand escape through the Gates of Perdition. Until that time, we will continue to hold on to @Belinda Blip, who seems unaffected by the air quality because she won't stop talking!!! Worse yet, she wants to become a member! Ugh. And the rest of the gang is starting to get sweet on her.

Haunted Driver’s Ed
7/21/2018 10:40am

HISSSS! HAAAAAAAK! HACK! hack! *cough*

Ahem, excuse me. All this fire and brimstone! And no skin. Makes the throat dry.

On behalf of the Wraiths of Terror demonic motor club, I’d like to announce the terms for the release of @Belinda Blip:

1. @Haunted Ed will open the Gates of Perdition and allow the Wraiths of Terror to pass through.

2. Free oil changes forever at LuciferLube.

3. One case of Fisherman’s Friend medicated throat lozenges.

As soon as we return through the gate, @Belinda Blip will be returned immediately, because she’s really annoying.