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11/17/2016 11:58am

hellø frens
sørry i didnt pøst yesterday
im interested in what this place has tø øffer
what is the deal with here
what are the peøple
im extremely lønely
withøut jøsh ør jenna
i had tacø bell tøday
what abøut yøu
did yøu drink water
take care øf yøurselves frens

11/15/2016 9:15am

hi frens
i figured øut høw tø crøss my øs
i want tø have an individual cønversation with each and everyøne of yøu
wheres jøsh
my fren jøsh
i speak spanish
like tres whøle wørds
dømingø en fuegø
candle making is my høbby
im all aløne here withøut my jenna
and nøw i just sit in silence

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11/14/2016 8:43am

im fairly local
i cant cross my os on this keyboard
i dont know why josh isnt here
wheres josh
hes my fren
im extremely lonely
i play the ukulele
and i scream
i mean sing
i scream you scream we all scream because were terrified
i scream everyday. im screaming right now. blurryface was originally me screaming for 40 minutes with josh on tambourine
keep your friends close and your enemies on the guest list
i am not interested in people who are not insane
josh is my fren
fast food greasy taco i love
i love my jenna
jenna can cook
why cant i cook

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