Tracy Hyde

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1/22/2023 10:09pm

Everybody had nosebleeds.

"What's going on? What's happening to us?!!!"

"Calm down, it's alright," said @Madison Addison. She had kleenex up her nose. It was soaked through. "Mia and Sophie are down. Everybody else is just dizzy. And bleeding out their noses. Still no @Ami Upton."

We were holed up in a forgotten break room for a forgotten airline. An appropriate secret headquarters for the Flight Attendants.

"Oh my god. There was this guy. I was hitting him up for a bite to eat and I think HE made this happen. With this--" I held out the silver pen thing with the glass button.

Madison stared at it. It had nose blood all over it. Like my hand.

"Who--?" she asked, when suddenly he came bounding through the door of the breakroom.

"HIM!" I cried. "GET HIM!"

1/7/2023 11:29pm

Excuse me, have you seen a group of young people here? We're on a... school trip, yeah, and I was supposed to meet up with them here at this Wolfgang Puck's. They probably look at bit, uh, rough, because they've been traveling a lot, and going lots of, uh... places?

No? Ok, no that's fine. But also, you wouldn't have ten dollars you could give me, do you? See, I'm haven't eaten for, well, I don't know how long, and I lost my wallet. The friends I was supposed to meet up with have money though, so they were going to buy me a salad, but they're not here...