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3/25/2015 6:54pm

Hello Journal and my new Psychic High School Community~

I have become so grateful for all the love and support at this school I have recieved over the last couple of months. Even though I am a town, I feel like I totally fit right in with all the other students!

Also I am happy to announce that I have been officially accepted entrance to PsyHigh for the 2015-2016 school year. Mayor helped seal the deal and even though there is some discontent among some of my citizens about this choice of mine I feel confident that they will come to view it as a learning opportunity for all!

Next week, leading Archeoastronomer, Rain Casselton, will be giving a talk on campus about ley lines and psychogeography! Letty says she and I should totally attend and I should try to astro-duce myself and ask about establishing a ley tunnel between Psychic High School and Rustwater. Letty thinks that I must actually be on a ley line. It makes sense, I never really thought about it before. About a century ago there were some interesting visitors staying at Rustwater Inn for several months. They said they were "scientists" but no one actually saw them doing any research or anything and it concerned several of the citizens. Also at that time all the cats went missing. As soon as the visitors left, the cats returned. Not many remember this now which is good but I can't help thinking these folks could have been trying to find a ley line. I wonder what led them to Rustwater.

See this is why I need to be in school. And obviously not just any school. There are seriously unanswered questions about my whole existence. I know I am the first TOWN to be a student at Psychic High School but hopefully my presence can get the word out there to other Towns..with personalities and sentience of their own.

Perhaps we are connected on the ley lines....

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3/21/2015 2:55pm

I love spring. Being a town, the changing of the seasons has a profound effect on me and my citizens. I would hate to be one of those towns that doesn't experience dramatic season changes. That would be sooo boring.

It looks like the board will be meeting soon to discuss my status at Psy High for Fall/2015. Mayor says everything looks very encouraging but Accountant and Priest have caught wind and indeed Accoutant..otherwise known as Mary Kate..will be basing her recall campaign against Mayor and his unorthadox relationship with me and my pursuit of studies at Psycic High School.

My new friend Letty (why can't I remember her last time?..ugh, things that are normally easy for me, like remembering names, are harder for me to get a grip on at school. Mayor says its just that I am overwhelmed by it all and that it will pass) has been a great advocate for me as her grandmother or great great grandmother or whatever taught at the school and knew Dean Hammer. Letty says that this could be the groundbreaking start to allowing other non traditional students in to Psychic High School. She is also helping me to bridge my community to Psychic High School in the form of field trips. Currently we are discussing ways to get Psychic High School kids here but it may be harder to get Rustwater High School kids to visit PsyHigh..for obvious reasons. There is a particular tree in the woods near the the little river..who is willing to help out, one of the oldest inhabitants of

Currently I am open to suggestions on how to get into the drama department if I am admitted offically to the school in the fall. I love Flowers for Algernon and think I would be perfect in the role of the town but Letty says they are thinking now of maybe doing a more experimental play as the dean is not happy with the current Drama teacher and the direction the department has been going. The students want to do more musicals which I can totally relate to so I guess we will see what happens. Letty says they stopped doing musicals after the Kiss Me Kate Incident in 89. I guess no one talks about it.

Well speaking of musicals they are doing Guys and Dolls at Rustwater High in May and so Mayor is showing the movie with Frank Sinatra at the Liberty to the kids next Friday for free so I am soo there!

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3/1/2015 3:56pm

Mayor just informed me that I was named Student of the Month! I think that is so amazing since, as you know, I am not currently "officially" enrolled in the school!

Mayor has been a long time friend of the dean. Its actually how I was able to be in this situation of having a journal while still being in the appeals process. Perhaps recieving the honor of student of the month will help my status!

I wanted to write about somtething that is personal to me but hard for me to talk about. Many people ask, "Town, are you male or female?" Well neither and both is the answer but also a town can't really be male or female. Some might consider their towns to have a more feminine or masculine feel and maybe they do to some. I guess I am different to each citizen here. I was wondering if maybe I could join the Psychic Gender Union at the school. I will try to find out when their next meeting is! This is an important topic and I will ponder more on how to talk about it here in my journal.

Recently I have been in contact with a woman who resides within who remembers knowing that I am a concious being from when she was a child. She was at "Old Abandoned Well" last week as few know that that is a way I can be communicated with. Mayor of course frequents the well to commune with me. This woman is strange to me as I don't actually remember her being here as a child. That is highly unusual as I know and remember all citizens. She claims when she was a child she could see magic particles in the air under certain light and when she explained this to her parents they dismissed her. I wanted to know immediatly who her parents were. "Frank and Eleanore Redem", she answered. That is odd. I remember Frank and Eleanore but I don't remember them having a daughter. The woman, Nancy, says she grew up with Mary Kate Colson-Jolbspond and Mary Kate used to make fun of her. Well that was not strange or surprising I told her. I must ask Mayor about Nancy. I hope not remembering her existence is not part of a larger problem of me losing my memory or my psychic powers. Anyway, Nancy wanted to warn me of Mary Kate's plans with Father Dale, "Catholic Priest" as I call him, to try to get rid of me..or the "psychic me".. I guess. They heard that Mayor helped me get interested in Psychic High School and are thinking of a re-call election. I have a terrible feeling that its Mary Kate herself who wants to run to replace Mayor as mayor and that would not be a good thing for me or the citizens.

On a good note, the school allowed me to tel-attend the cafeteria during lunch yesterday. I actually had a real conversation with a student, a girl! She easily sensed my presence and totally thought there was room at PsyHi for a town!! I really liked her and hope we can hang out more. I am actually beginning to wonder if she could visit here, it seems like a natural thing that I could actually be some kind of portal! Students could visit me on weekends and holidays. It could be good for the citizens to adopt PsyHi as a sort of sister school to Rustwater High School. I am getting ahead of myself but I do have big ideas!

More later. I look forward to more time with my journal soon.

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2/18/2015 8:16pm

Yes. My name is Town. Cuz I am a town, like a real town. They call me Rustwater but I was once known many eons ago as Little Bend in River. I just like to go by "Town" because that is how I see myself. Currently I am in the appeals process at Psychic High School as they denied my petition for entry under special circumstances. Yeah. "We are sorry but currently we don't allow entire towns in our school as we are unable to accomodate their needs."

I know what you are thinking. Ok "TOWN" how are you able to create a student account and post if you are not currently a student? Well, as part of the appeals process they are letting me keep a journal here for now as they did understand my painful need to be able to expess myself in creative ways. I wanted to be able to at least audit Paranormal Ceramics but they said no.

So, a little about myself. I am small as towns go. 2500 citizens give or take but my psychic powers go way back, before colonization. I guess really I was psychic before I even became...what I am. Traditionally I maintain a special connection with whomever is the Mayor at the time. Sure its jarring at first, when I first make contact with "Mayor" but then Mayor slowly learns to accept that they are part of a special relationship unlike any other. It was the current Mayor who suggested I try to enroll in Psychic High School. Even though I am ancient I have so much to learn and my self esteem has suffered due to lack of freinds so Mayor felt it would be a good growth process for me and could in turn perhaps help the community as a whole.

No. Not everyone in Town, or Rustwater, knows their town is psychic. The children of course all do and they accept it as easily as they accept that the sky is blue but as they get older, typically around middle school they forget. Not all though. Sadly "Accountant", ok I call her, "Accountant" but her name is Mary Kate Colson-Jolbspond. Anyhoo, Mary Kate is in cahoots with the local Catholic Preist and is trying to figure out ways to cast me out. They don't understand. I am Town and Town is me. If they don't like it really they should move.

Anyhoo. I would love to talk more about myself. I could go on really. I want to know if others out there agree with the school's decision to to let me enroll. Maybe I could get some supporters. Maybe there are other towns out there??

Thanks for reading!

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