Toni Racine

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Underage Drivers' Club
11/26/2022 11:51pm

So I heard they busted that kid who was flipping the cars. Supposedly he was making infothene in his parent's garage, and huffing it, and you know it smells soooooo good but if you inhale too much of it you short circuit your brain. Next thing you know you're using your brain to flip over cars right in front of your parents house. How dumb can you be?

They said his infothene still was a hazard and could have exploded and created a null/void zone the size of six blocks, but that's just propaganda they spread because they don't want people making it for themselves, running their own information engines.

Just don't spend too long sniffing on it boyeee!

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Underage Drivers' Club
11/14/2022 9:48pm

As soon as we saw that fourth primary color strobing up ahead, we knew @Amos Shore had been popped by the Other Cops. And when we saw him open up the infothene and burn across they hyper-spice threshold, we freaked out and cheered. The O.C. didn't even try to pursue.

So that's when me and the rest of the U.D.C. yanked on our graviton brakes and flipped a bitch out of there. We turned tail and headed off in all-different non-euclidean directions. Cuz they can't chase us all.