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11/22/2018 9:02pm

If it seems weird that I went to bed at 5 pm, it is. I usually sleep for 12 hours in a coma-like state. I just woke up from one. That's NEVER happened. Well, maybe the magnetic properties of this school will help normalize my schedule. I hear that's what *attracts* people. Get it? :D

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11/22/2018 5:35pm

My first day was quite uneventful. Something invisible (Person? Animal? Monster??) carried my suitcase upstairs, to the highest tower, and then promptly threw it out the window. I thought it bringing my stuff upstairs WAS a little weird, since my room is in the basement. Alls well that ends well I guess.

I decided to go shopping at an interdimensional store, the closest thing I can compare it to is IKEA. (Which doesn't give this store justice.) I had found it online. It has infinite square footage and exists between dimensions. The wizard and slug dimension, to be exact. It was lit asf. I asked a senior I had seen that was walking down the hallway reading a book with her eyes closed to help me get there since I'm just a plain old mortal. She was really sweet and helped me get to the store. I tried reading its name (Which is part of the ritual) but my eyes fell out of my head, and I had to go to the nurse, which is a whole 'nother story. I eventually got there and picked out some cute furniture. I think I may also have accidentally adopted a dragon. It's not an exact science. His given name is Bill Cosby, a mage in the wizard dimension. Neither of us liked it, so we changed it to Aldwyn.

I eventually went to bed exhausted.

Signing off,

Talia R

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11/22/2018 3:58pm

I've noticed a lot of people have just plain up disappeared at this school. My long lost childhood friend, Glitter, seemed to be happy and loving life before she enrolled in this school. I'm highly concerned about the safety of this school. It seems that the pillars outside of my dorm room crumble quite often, although there's always a telekinetic student nearby to hold them while we wait for maintenance. There's definitely something fishy going on. Anybody else know people who've disappeared?

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11/22/2018 3:51pm

Hello there! I'm Talia. I'm a new transfer student. I don't have any powers or abilities to set me aside from the average human. I'm just too weird for public school. I'd really like to get to know my fellow students. I'm still settling into my dorm, so I haven't gotten my class schedule yet. This is the best school I've been to yet! (And I've been to multiple)

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