Sunday Shred

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3/22/2016 1:34pm

I am back.

Saturn has been gone on a trip with his girlfriend, Scarlett. I cannot stand her. She's vegan. I'm not saying that vegans are bad, but she constantly makes me feel bad for eating animal products. Saturn's gone vegan too, which hasn't exactly helped.

Anyways, he didn't leave me any warning, except for a scribbled note taped to the fridge. It said he'd be back in three days, but I doubted it. He claimed he'd be to a nearby city. He must have left, and quickly, while I was at school. That left me with next to no food, and barely any money either. Saturn has a job that evidently pays well, but he refuses to tell me what it is. Fishy. Too bad he didn't think to leave me some cash while he ran off with Scarlett.

I still have a bit of food left, with canned goods being my only sustinence. I'll have to go to the store soon, paying out of my own pocket. I'll guilt-trip Saturn into paying me back when he returns. He's a sucker for puppy-dog eyes. Pushover.


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3/10/2016 1:24pm

I have been informed that I have made a typo in my last entry.

I was cut off while I was outlining my musical preference. I was making a statement about my musical taste, but I must have deleted the ending of my sentence. I meant to say, "I find it difficult to define my music taste."

I apologize for any inconveniences I may have caused, blah blah and so forth.

I have done well on my exams, and I am relieved. They have caused me such stress that I would rather not talk about them.

Anyway, a girl by the name of Karma has been following me around lately. She is under the delusion that I am her friend. She is definitely mine, but the feeling is not mutual. In her reality, I am her sister from "another mister." She forces me to wear blindingly bright bracelets and jewelry, which I have tried to politely reject. This has no effect on her, so I am now wearing six friendship bracelets, three to each arm, as well as a necklace with a charm that says "best."

I must be nice to her, or at least polite. You do not get a name like Karma for no reason.

In response to @Nobody , I have not read poems by this particular poet. I shall read a few, thanks to your recommendation. Thank you.


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3/9/2016 1:31pm

I have been informed that I must share some of my interests.

I listen to music a lot. I do not have a musical preference, I simply listen to anything that catches my eye, or rather, my ear. I find it difficult to define my

I also sing, too. Don't ask me why, it was just a way to make money. It seems that I would have a monotone, boring voice, but I have been told otherwise.

I personally don't care.

I also read. I read a lot of things, especially pieces by Edgar Allen Poe. Don't get me wrong, a teen dystopian novel is nice. But, I keep finding myself back home, in his writing.


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3/8/2016 1:29pm

Hello, my name is Sunday Shred.

Yes, that is my real name. It is difficult to have such a positive first name, but have such a negative disposition.

I am fifteen years old, and I live with my 18-year-old brother, Saturn. His real name is Saturday, but he tells everyone he is named after the sixth planet. He thinks it is "cooler."

He is, undoubtedly, an idiot.

I have been told that I lack in compassion.

Also emotions.

Anyways, I'll try to inform you of my "adventures" later.


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