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Digging Where You Shouldn't
1/7/2015 11:23pm

Jerome got a job on campus. As a Haunted Driver's Ed instructor.

Ed, the head Haunted Driver, needed an assistant, and I heard about it and next time Jerome and I were out driving around town in his haunted '73 Nova I totally sprung it on him. The car got massively excited and started revving and squealing out at stoplights, green smoke pouring out. It was so cool to watch Jerome talk to it and hold the wheel and keep it calm. He really is like the best ghost car whisperer you ever have seen. And he looks real good doing it in his black leather jacket.

What it means is now he can actually find campus, and like, pick me up, and stuff. It's been kinda hard having a boyfriend who's not a student, but now he's staff so he gets in on all the "mysteries." Ha.

I'm worried about some of the other kids being dicks though. @feelerz is right that there's some class stuff at school. Maybe not so much with "townies" but just anybody who's not a student. I mean, most students will be totally chill.

And once they meet his car, I don't think anybody will mess with him. ;)

Digging Where You Shouldn't
11/21/2014 11:19pm

Even though Jerome isn't psychic, and doesn't go to any kind of special school at all, he does have a haunted car. It's a 1973 Chevy Nova. It's hot. It's black.

It's not clear exactly what it's haunted by. But it definitely has a mind of its own. Have you ever seen that old movie Herbie with Lindsay Lohan? It's like that. But the Nova burps green smoke out of the glove compartment. And growls.

For instance a couple of weeks ago we were just driving around town on a Saturday and all of the sudden the car totally freaks out and peels off by itself (I mean, with us in it) down back streets and dirt alleys and we ended up in some part of town I'd never seen and saw a girl from school totally vomiting her guts out on a curb. The car stopped a sane amount of distance away and opened its doors - obviously wanting me to go over to her.

I got her cleaned up and we drove her back to school. Usually Jerome wouldn't be able to do that - find the school - and I know it's sort of against the rules, or something, but the car drove itself and the girl needed to get back to her room. So what can you do?

Since then I've only seen her around a couple of times. She's been sick. And the car doesn't really answer questions.

11/4/2014 8:29pm

I met Jerome at Frog n' Toad Sub & Pub Pizza Superstore. A lot of kids at school don't go off campus much. Or at least not into town... I mean, from Psyhigh kids can get to lots of places, through the hedge maze or the NETT teleportation portals or the Doorways of Arcania or pretty much any second year student's student project (buyer beware!). But hardly anybody makes it downtown to get a Dick Greid cricket burrito or a FnT slice or hang out at a coffee shop.

So I saw Jerome back making pizzas one day and I wasn't really thinking about it but ok maybe it thought he was cute or something and that's what brought me back, and by the third slice we talked, and on the fourth slice we made a date to meet at the coffee shop across the street.

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10/31/2014 8:22pm

My boyfriend, Jerome, does not go to Psyhigh. He lives in town and works at Frog n' Toad Sub & Pub Pizza Superstore. He goes to one of the other High Schools in town. He has a car, but, I mean, he's not psychic or anything, so he can't come pick me up or drop me off so I spend a lot of time on the bus going down to meet him or coming back. Sometimes he just meets me at the bus stop and we hang out in his car till I take the bus back. I mean, not like THAT! ;) Just listening to music. He has a Nova. It's an old muscle car like in an old movie.

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